MBBS in Iran

MBBS in Iran

About The Country

The Islamic republic, Iran, is the easternmost country of the Middle East. The country falls between the Caspian Sea in the north and the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman in the south.

The country was formerly known as Persia. It is bordered on the land by Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, and Turkmenistan, and shares maritime borders with Kazakhstan and Russia (in the Caspian Sea), Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

There are about 83 million people (as per recorded data in 2020) currently living in the country. The largest city is Tehran, which is also the capital and the political and economic center of the republic.

mbbs in iran
mbbs in iran

A Brief Look at MBBS in Iran

Number of Universities: 10


Course Duration: 7 years

Average Tuition Fees (Including Fooding & Lodging): 10 lakhs/annum

Intake: February and September

Reasons for MBBS in Iran

  • Quality Education
  • Affordable and Advanced Learning
  • Recognized degrees
  • English medium of instruction throughout the period of study.
  • Modern hospitals for students to intern.
  • A very pleasant and friendly campus life.

Why Choose MBBS in Iran ?

Key Features of MBBS in Iran

Reasons To Study MBBS In Iran

  • Globally Affiliated, Accredited, and Recognised Universities

All universities are recognized by WDOMS, FAIMER, ECFMG, and Medical Council of leading countries like the U.S.A, U.K, Middle East, Australia, India, Canada, etc.

  • Safe Learning Atmosphere

Iran offers a safe and secure learning atmosphere to all its students. The best medical universities of Iran offer students a secured and reliable educational practice and lifestyles.

  • Advanced Learning Experience

Iran is one of the countries which has always prioritized the development of the public healthcare system. As a result, the country has extremely advanced hospitals and well-equipped medical universities.

  • Resourceful Healthcare Sector

Medical universities in Iran are excellent in terms of infrastructure, technical advances, qualified lecturers, etc, making it a popular choice among students all over the world especially from India.

  • Course Duration

The duration of MBBS in Iran is 7 years. The first 5 years of the course are reserved for theoretical and technical learning after which the focus transits to the practical implementation of them in the form of an internship of 2 years.

  • Affordable Course of Study

Iran offers one of the most affordable medical study options for probably the most advanced learning experience.

  • Recognized Universities

The best medical universities of Iran fall in the top cream of the best medical universities of the world.

  • Cost of Living

The cost of living in Iran for Indian students is very low compared to the other countries. The hostels are well accommodated with all the comfort requirements of the international students.

  • Advanced Learning

MBBS in Iran features the use of advanced technological resources in imparting learning in the classrooms. The use of technology helps in keeping the learning more advanced and interesting for the students.

  • Diverse Choice for Career Opportunities

Iran offers a diverse selection of career opportunities the students can choose from based upon their interests, aptitudes, and preferences.

  • Language of Instruction

In most universities, the language of common and official use is English itself.

What are the advantages of studying MBBS in Iran for Indian students?

  • No Admission fee or hidden charges
  • No donation required
  • Affordable Fee Structure
  • Feasible cost of living
  • Global Exposure and Recognition
  • Pleasant weather condition

Top Medical Universities in Iran for Indian Students

What is the Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Iran?

To be eligible to apply for MBBS in Iran, the students must satisfy all the given conditions:

  • They must be 17 years of age on or before 31st December of the year of admission.
  • They must have scored 50% marks in their 12th standard in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology from CBSE / ICSE or any other equivalent board of examination.
  • They should have qualified NEET(UG) Entrance exam (as per the latest notification by MCI) are eligible to apply for MBBS in Iran

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, MBBS from Iran is valid in India, provided you have studied from any MCI approved universities. The course structure for MBBS in Iran is similar to that of India. In order to practice in India, the students would be required to qualify for the screening test administered by NMC (MCI).

Yes, as per the latest guidelines for eligibility, issued by the National Medical Council (NMC) formerly known as Medical Council of India (MCI), to study medicine or any other related field, the student must have qualified NEET(UG) Examination held every year.

Indian students have plenty of options when they choose to study MBBS Abroad. However, Iran, as an MBBS destination for Indian students, is an ideal choice for those who are looking for affordable, quality, and the most advanced education

Medical universities in Iran are famous for their reliability, security, and their global rankings across the world. These universities have the best medical education faculties for the training of the expertise among the students.

The actual expenditure of stay depends upon the preferences of the students. However, the average cost to study MBBS in Iran excluding the cost of living ranges from 6000 USD to 8000 USD per annum depending on the university and the course.

The average course duration for MBBS in Iran is about 7 years. The curriculum is planned in 5+2 format, which means the students will be studying theories and concepts for 5 years and then undergo the internship for 2 years.

For applying to MBBS study in Iran, the student must possess- high-school/Secondary School (10th) Marksheet, Intermediate/ Senior Secondary School (12th) Marksheet, NEET Score Card, and an updated photo ID proof with all the correct details issued by Govt. of India.

MBBS in Iran is known for providing high-quality practical as well as theoretical knowledge by the professors to the medical students.

As per the data records, at present, there are 40,000 students from different nationalities currently pursuing their studies in Iran.

When you plan to study MBBS in Iran, you can request a personal counseling session to get more information by getting in contact with us. We will guide you from there on and help you with the required paperwork, arrangements for your stay, and much more.