MBBS Together : Medical Journey Made Easy

Journey to becoming a doctor is not easy.
However, it can be made easy a bit when shared by a group of people you are familiar with.

MBBS Together: Why?

Going abroad to study medicine can feel solo, followed by homesickness in a foreign country. What if your friends come along? That’s the most MBBS Together is about.

MBBS Together: What?

Being a part of MBBS Together initiative gives you an opportunity to help your friends get admission in top medical universities in Russia through Rus Education, and if they enroll, we go an extra mile to make sure that you fly together, stay together, and study together in Russia! That’s now all. As a member of MBBS Together initiative, you will be awarded Free Air-Tickets and a Brand-New Laptop.

MBBS Together : How It Works?

It’s simple! You help your friends get admission to MBBS,
and we help you all fly together, live together, and study together while also rewarding you well for your good deed.

Help your friends explore the opportunity to study MBBS in Russia.

You and your friends contact us, and we help you all get admission in a medical university.

With MBBS Together membership, you will be awarded Free Air-Tickets, and a Brand-New Laptop.

You and your friends are grouped together to fly to, live, and study in Russia.
Study MBBS In Russia With Your Friends

MBBS Together : New World Of Shared Opportunities

World of opportunities has always been there. We are making it shared for you and your friends.
From the opportunity to become a doctor in 6 years to having a fulfilling life, you have it all with MBBS Together initiative.

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MBBS Together : Win-Win

MBBS Together is a win-win initiative for everyone : It only benefits all the participants.

Make Abroad Homely

Russia is a very friendly country. If you go to Russia with your friends, it will make Russia feel even more homely.

An Act of Kindness

By helping your friends get enroll in MBBS, you can set the career stage for them, and they will thank you for your act of kindness.

Friendship Rewards

We reward you for helping your friends get admission to MBBS. Get Free Air-Tickets and a Brand-New Laptop as a token of thanks.

Mental Peace

Knowing that you are going to study abroad with your friends will ignite mental peace for you and your family.

A Shared Experience

Pursuing your medical journey with people you know from school days will make it a shared experience of a lifetime.

Together Is Better

Together, you make the most of every opportunity, and MBBS is no difference. Join the initiative now and study MBBS Together.

MBBS Together : You Are In Good Company

We have been there for our students for more than 25 years, and we are proud of what we have achieved.



We are affiliated with 350+ universities worldwide. That’s a world of infinite opportunities.



We are fortunate to be a key facilitator for more than 20,000 students who are studying abroad.



In a period of more than two decades, we have helped more than 8,000 aspirants become doctors.

MBBS Together : Are You In?

An opportunity is like a biscuit dipped in the tea - A little delay and it’s gone! Since you are here, you are fortunate enough to know about MBBS Together initiative. Join the movement now before all seats are allotted.

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