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Russia is known to be the largest country in the world sharing 11% of world landmass. The major part of the country relies on its European part whereas the rest of the country covers the Asian continent. The Ural Mountains, which are considered to be the geographical division between Europe and Asia, stand tall over Eastern Russia. The Asian side of Russia shares its short border with North Korea with Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and China bordering to the south.

European Russia has its southern border in the Caucasus Mountains with Georgia and Azerbaijan. Ukraine and Belarus are the two largest countries bordering Eastern Europe. In the north, Russia borders Latvia, Estonia, Finland, and Norway. Despite being significantly smaller than its Asian counterpart, European Russia remains the country’s dominant core anchored by Moscow.

Climate & Topography

As Russia stretches across vast stretches of land, it displays a diversity of physical environments, including tundra, steppes, mountains, and birch forests. This country spans 11 time zones across two continents (Europe and Asia) and three oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic).

A Russian landscape can range from desert to frozen coastlines, from tall mountains to giant marshes. A large part of the country is covered in rolling steppes without trees. Taigas, which make up three-fourths of Siberia, are vast forests of pines.

Over 100,000 rivers flow through Russia, including some of the world’s longest and most powerful. The country also has many lakes, including two of Europe’s largest: Ladoga and Onega. Lake Baikal in Siberia is one of the largest lakes by volume on the Earth.

History & Culture

Russia in itself has a long lineage of culture, history and tradition. From being that of the Russian Empire of Tsar, to the formation of the Soviet Union after the Russian Revolution and its later disintegration, the country in itself is an archive of several ideologies, personalities and  achievements. 

The country although follows a blend of orthodox, communist and socialist society yet continuously inculcates research expeditions making it a leader and a superpower of the modern world. Despite being a developed country, the country proudly holds on to its cultural and aesthetic values. In a Russian society, family is of utmost importance and there is a culture of collective living. Russia is known for its exorbitant theatrics, musicals, cuisines, art and craft.

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Popularity Of Medical Studies in Russia For Indian Students

As of recent, Russia has been gaining tremendous popularity among international students for its medical studies. Known for their quality and affordability, Russian medical universities are witnessing constant upsurge as a leading choice among international students like that of India, who are seeking a pocket friendly solution to their dream of becoming a doctor. 

The 6 year long course of MBBS in Russia for Indian students has been a boatful choice. Studying in top government Russian universities offers the students a vast galore of opportunities and learning. The universities are evidently equipped with state-of-art infrastructure and resources. The universities of Russia also support features like stimulated learning, machine learning and various technical advances of modern educational strategy to enhance the overall performance of its students.

The universities of Russia are recognized by all the major medical regulatory bodies providing the much acclaimed global juncture of excellence. Russia itself is a leading name in the medical research, and studying MBBS in it, paves the way to unlimited opportunities and exposure.

Top 5 Medical Universities of Russia Popular Among Indian Students:

Russia not only is a great destination for students, but also a beautiful country to be visited as a tourist. The cost of living is very affordable for international tourists. The people of Russia are very friendly and helping. Being a large country by area, Russia has diverse climatic conditions in various regions.

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