Study MBBS in Guyana

MBBS in Guyana

About Guyana

Guyana, a nation on South America’s North Atlantic drift, is characterized by its thick rainforest. English-talking, with cricket and calypso music, it’s socially associated with the Caribbean locale. Its capital, Georgetown, is known for British provincial design, including tall, painted-timber St. George’s Anglican Cathedral. An expansive clock denotes the exterior of Stabroek Market, a wellspring of nearby create.

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Guyana has one of the biggest untainted rainforests in South America, a few sections of which are relatively out of reach by people. The rich regular history of Guyana was portrayed by early adventurers Sir Walter Raleigh and Charles Waterton and later by naturalists Sir David Attenborough and Gerald Durrell. In 2008, the BBC communicate a three-section program called Lost Land of the Jaguar which featured the enormous assorted variety of untamed life, including unfamiliar species and uncommon species, for example, the mammoth otter and nag falcon.

English is the official dialect of Guyana and is utilized for training, government, media, and administration.

Guyana’s way of life is fundamentally the same as that of the English-speaking Caribbean, and has verifiably been fixing to the English-speaking Caribbean as a major aspect of the British Empire when it turned into ownership in the nineteenth century.

A Brief Look at MBBS in Guyana

MCI (NMC) Approved Universities: 6


Course Duration: 5 years

The average cost of stay (Fee included): INR 30 Lakhs- 50 Lakhs

Reasons to choose MBBS in Guyana

  • Quality Education
  • Affordable and Advanced Learning
  • Recognized Medical Degrees
  • US Based Curriculum
  • World-class and modern amenities

Key Features of Studying MBBS in Guyana

Globally Renowned Degrees

The medical universities in Guyana are accredited by WDOMS, FAIMER, ECFMG, and the medical councils of leading countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Canada, etc.

Ensure Quality Education

The medical universities in Guyana offer a US-based educational curriculum and that too is provided at an affordable cost. Therefore, MBBS in Guyana is coming out to be a popular choice among students around the globe.

Resourceful universities

The medical universities in Guyana are renowned for their outstanding infrastructure, technological advancements, and qualified lecturers, making them a popular choice among international students.

Reasons to study MBBS in Guyana

Safe & Easy Living

Guyana offers the best quality of life in the world and has the lowest crime rate, making it a very safe country for international students.

US Based Curriculum 

MBBS in Guyana allows the students to follow a US Based curriculum therefore opening them abundant career opportunities.

Technology-enhanced learning

Several of the medical schools in Guyana have some of the best teaching technologies.

Clinical Rotation in India, USA, etc

Many medical universities of Guyana provide options to complete the mandatory clinical rotation of the program in the leading hospitals of India, Nepal, and USA.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Guyana for Indian Students

  •  International Exposure & Recognition
  • Easy Admissions Process
  • No Entrance Fee or Hidden Costs
  •  No Donation Required
  •  Affordability of living
  • Cost-effective fee structure

Who can apply for MBBS in Guyana?

  • Students who reach the age of 17 by the end of the year in which they receive their admission.
  • The student must possess a minimum of a 50% mark in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology from a CBSE/ICSE or equivalent board exam.
  • Candidates who have qualified for NEET (based on the latest MCI notice)

Why you should study MBBS in Guyana

  • No Donation
  • Admission on Merit Basis
  • No entrance tests
  • Low cost of living
  • Clinical Rotations in Guyana and Central US
  •  Modern Infrastructure
  •  Beautiful places to discover
  •  Good employment opportunities

Advantages Of Stuyding MBBS in Guyana

MBBS in Guyana can be a life-changing experience in one’s life. The universities in Guyana are NMC (MCI) approved and listed by WDOMS. Moreover, IELTS/TOEFL scores are not mandatory to go and study MBBS in Guyana.

Admission Requirement For MBBS in Guyana

  • Documents of 10th and 12th documents
  • 50% aggregate marks in 12th with physics, chemistry and biology
  •  Medical Certificates

Education in Guyana

Education in Guyana is one prominent factor of the country. It is given to a great extent by the administration of Guyana, through the Ministry of Education and its arms. Guyana’s instruction framework is a heritage from its opportunity as British Guiana. School educational programs, financing, measures, and different arrangements are set by the government and carried out through the Ministry of Education and related offices. The Education System is partitioned into eleven regions, ten of which relate to the national regulatory and topographical locales of the nation, while the capital, Georgetown, is dealt with as a different training region. With 8.3% of its GDP spent on training, Guyana sits with Cuba, Iceland, Denmark, and Botswana as among a couple of nations with top spending on education.

Living Environment For International Students in Guyana

Guyana offers one of the finest conditions and climatic conditions helpful for scholarly interests. A stunning mix of the Caribbean and South America, Guyana gloats of being the main English-talking nation in South America.

It is one of the best places to stay and spotlight the requesting educational programs of a restorative school while getting a charge out of the sights and joys of the Caribbean. Despite the fact that you will remain in another place, you won’t feel far from home. Guyana offers every one of the civilities and chances to loosen up while seeking after your degree at a medical school.

Indian Food Availability

Indian food is available in the universities especially for the Indian students opting for the universities for their medical education. There is absolutely no problem in getting Indian food in the medical universities of Guyana.

Top Medical Universities in Guyana