Why is Russia a popular destination for MBBS Abroad?

mbbs in russia
June 25, 2021

Every year, lakhs of medical students from India have to face the prime concern of getting admission to a decent medical institution for pursuing MBBS or other higher studies in the related fields. However, among the few who can manage to clear the entrance tests, a limited percentage of the students reserve their seats in government medical universities of India while the majority are left behind to fend off for themselves.

A section of this group generally gives up upon their dream to become a doctor whereas the remaining continue searching for choices in private colleges. A large portion of the students can’t afford the large donation the private medical universities demand. In such conditions, foreign medical universities come to the rescue of Indian medical students.

The fee in government medical colleges is affordable, but the number of seats is limited, so very few make it to get a place in a government college. Certainly, the students refusing to pay handsome money to the private medical universities of India look for an affordable option, and at a time point Russia echos as a leading name.

Russia is among the most popular destinations for Indian students to pursue MBBS from abroad. The country not only offers low MBBS fees in comparison to private Indian medical colleges but also characteristically provides high-quality education.

However, the absurd notion is falsified as the country doesn’t offer cheap medical education. It is just that for a student it provides more affordable and feasible study when compared to studying MBBS from Indian private institutions which are exceptionally costly since the students are required to pay a high amount or donation.

The few reasons that comprise the favors of medical education in MBBS are:

  1. Availability of Seats
    Medical universities of Russia have an ample number of medical seats available for the international students. The seats are also in complete congruence with maintaining the student: faculty and student: resource ratios so that the universities are never crowded.
  2. No Donation or Capitation Fee Required
    To get admission to any private medical university of India, students have to pay a considerable amount as donation or capitation fee, excluding the yearly tuition fee. This might not be just for the admission but also can possibly go along during the entire course. Apart from them, the students are required to pay the incoherent charges of basic amenities such as transportation or laboratory.
    This is not the situation in the top medical universities of Russia. Medical universities of Russia do not ask or accept any donation or capitation fee whatsoever.
  3. Lower Fee
    Students who want to pursue MBBS in Russia can get quality education at a lower fee for courses as the medical education is highly subsidised by the federal government of the country. Some of the medical universities also offer several schemes and scholarship programs for the students, supporting them financially.
  4. Extremely Low Cost of Living
    One of the significant advantages of pursuing MBBS in Russia is low living costs and extremely high living standards. Totally dependent upon the personal choices, the cost of living in nations like Russia, could be as low as Rs. 7000 to Rs. 14,000 every month.
  5. Accommodation Facility
    The top medical universities of Russia offer hostel facilities for the international students within the campus, well aided with the top-class facilities. With the meagre hostel fee the country provides all the required facilities for the students.
  6. Food –
    The cost of food in Russia is relatively affordable. Students can enjoy delicious native cuisines as well as the traditional Indian food in the canteens of the country by associating with Rus Education.

Top 10 Medical Universities for MBBS Study in Russia:

Before choosing a medical university, there are some important factors to consider to study MBBS in Russia or any other country abroad. The given tips will guide you better in choosing the best medical university to study MBBS in Abroad.

  • Knowing the rank of the university
  • The experience of the university in providing the desired course
  • The recognition and reputation of the university
  • The cost of education and accommodation
  • Coaching for the screening test (FMGE/ USMLE/ others)
  • Indian food availability in messes
  • Number of Indian students in the university


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