Unmasking MBBS Study in Russia in a Post Pandemic World

mbbs in russia
June 19, 2021

The almost 2 years of the global pandemic have managed to turn the lives of almost every person on this blue-planet upside-down. The 360° turn of events was certainly extremely turbulent and affected people of all ages in one form or another. Apart from the health concerns, there was also a significant rise in lifestyle concerns as well.

Against their nature, the toddlers and children were confined in their household, global setbacks affecting the income and livelihood of parents, the future of teenagers hung over uncertainty, the young adults seemingly lost to the fear of the unknown, the matured trying to adjust themselves with the new arrangements and the ages-old trouble of the technology and so on. There is not a single section of the society left untouched by the changes that the current time has induced.

The ‘young adults’ mentioned above are currently trying to navigate their way to the future at the same time battling with the adversities presented by the present. Almost all the colleges and universities have closed their classrooms for their students and in some severe cases even canceled the new admissions.

Even with such difficult times, medical universities of Russia actively worked with their tooth and nail to serve all the students, the fresh batch as well as the ongoing batch with the best of their capabilities. Some of the best medical universities of Russia not only arranged the online learning resources but also took the appropriate measure that the learning of the students during this period is as effective as that in the classroom

Despite the world being in lockdown, the quintessential need of excellence, and fulfilling one’s dreams, the country witnessed a remarkable enthusiasm among the students for MBBS in Russia in 2020.

Now in 2021, when almost all the parts of the world are entering into the post-pandemic era, the universities have managed to learn from the past and thus, are more prepared than ever before.

What are the measures taken by the top medical universities of Russia post the pandemic?

  • Use of the blended learning techniques
    The pandemic has opened the multitudes of various learning strategies for the students. From the already evident use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in the classrooms and labs, using the resources at hand to creating the new resources. The blended learning technique has proven to be more effective and efficient.
  • Strategies to increase the reach of distance learning
    The period of uncertainty has also ensured the importance of distance learning and tested its limits to the max. Therefore, many top medical universities of Russia have introduced many skill and professional development programs for the international students increasing the reach of learning and performance.
  • Objective and concrete assessments of learning
    The universities have also introduced and restructured assessment strategies for and of learning, making it more objective, concrete and growth centric for the students. This step has proven to exceptionally increase the performance of the students.
  • Emphasised focus on self-care
    These difficult times had significantly affected the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health of students. So, to ensure the overall health of the students, the university has also brought forth several self-care programs for the students. These programs aim to inculcate effective strategies in the lifestyle of the students making them more sound at same time equipping them with the strength to overcome such difficulties in the future.
  • Stress and anxiety management
    Global studies have observed that university going students are suffering from severe and profound stress and anxiety due to the pandemic. Therefore, alongside the self care programs, the university also brings you stress and anxiety management programs helping the overwhelmed students with the sudden changes.

So what would be the advantages of studying MBBS in Russia in a post-pandemic world for Indian students?

  1. Despite the crisis, medical education and living expenditure is still affordable.
    At the time when everything from food to clothes are getting expensive. Medical study in Russia is still a feasible option to a large strata of Indian families.
  2. Exposure to the real time and real life research practices.
    Russia is actively involved in the medical research related practices to counter the medical setbacks. Due to this, it has been one of those countries which have successfully controlled the coronavirus in a very short period of time.
  3. Global recognition of students and universities
    The students and the pass-outs of the best medical universities of Russia have been recognised for their efforts all over the world, adding another feather to the achievement of the universities.
  4. Access to the technical resources
    With MBBS in Russia in a post-pandemic world, the students get their hands over some of the most advanced technical resources for learning and assessments used by the university which were proven to be more effective.
  5. Alternate to Mainstream Choice for MBBS Abroad
    In contrast with its competing countries for MBBS abroad, MBBS in Russia has now become a mainstream choice instead of the alternate one

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