The De-Facto Study of Education in Russia at Present

The De-Facto Study of Education in Russia at Present
February 2, 2023

The past couple of years has been a raging witness of Russia being one of the go-to choices for aspiring students from across the world. The country being one of the power and research giants in the world brings forth a zillion opportunities for passionate and hard-working youth. It is for this reason, the country has been topping the charts of the best destinations for higher education for various passionate dreamers across the world. 

Some of the popular fields among international students joining the Russian Federation for Higher Education include Medicine, Engineering, Aviation, Management, Cultural Studies, Linguistics, etc. 

How many international students are studying in Russia?

According to recently released data, Russia has hosted approximately 351 thousand international students who are currently enrolled on various courses in Russian universities.  

As per the data provided in Statista, in the survey named Project Atlas 2022, conducted by the Institute of International Education and Ranepa (Russian presidential academy of the national economy and public administration), over 351 thousand international students were enrolled in Russian higher education institutions in 2022. 

The data also showcase that the count of foreign students in Russia saw a continuous increase from 2016 to 2021. In 2020, Russia was the sixth most popular study-abroad destination worldwide. 

The term ‘international/foreign students in Russia’ in the above stats implies “an individual with a foreign citizenship enrolled at a government-accredited public or private higher education entity in Russia – regardless of legal residency status in Russia.” 

What are the reasons for students choosing Russian Universities?

Another survey of the year 2020-21, with a sample size of 19,176 respondents, issued on Jan 2022, dived into the aspects of what made these students choose Russian universities. 

The survey was conducted by the Higher School of Economics, Russia and the results were issued in their document “Monitoring of Economics of Education”. 

The numbers showed that 33% of international students joined Russian Universities because of the quality of education, 30% due to the reputation of the university and 18% due to the easy admission procedure. 

Therefore, it can be concluded that the most important factor for selecting a university in Russia was the quality of education, with over one-third of respondents reporting this. The second most important factor was the reputation the university holds.

What Are The Expectations of University Students in Russia?

The Monitoring of Economics of Education also holds the survey results on the expectations of students studying in Russia.  

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The poll showed that one of the most popular reasons constituting the popularity of Russian Universities is the career opportunities that the acquired degree offers to the students. Around 36% of students opted for Russian universities with the objective of getting interesting and diverse job opportunities, whereas 23% joined to pursue specialties. A remarkable 22% of students join with the aspiration of getting better career growth. 

What are the top 10 countries with the highest number of students in Russia?

In further detail, as per the 2019 report issued by Statista Research Department, the students from Kazakhstan were the largest group of international students in Russia constituting  71.4% were enrolled in educational institutions across Russia in 2020. Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan were the second- and third-leading origins, at almost 27.9 thousand and 27.4 thousand students, respectively.

India ranked 7th position in the list of the highest number of international students in 2019 studying in Russian Universities. Amongst the variety of opportunities available in Russia for higher education, medicine has been one of the most popular fields among aspiring medical students in India. 


The given data from the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) clearly indicates that the enrollment of international students in Russia has increased nearly threefold over the past decade. In 2004/05, with a total of 100,900 students which rose up to 282,900 in 2014/15, suggesting a total growth of 180% over a period of just a span of 10 years.

The Russian News Agency, TASS, recently quoted the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education stating that in the past year, 2022, the number of international students in Russia has increased by 8.4% as compared to that in 2021. All in all, the overall number of foreign students receiving higher education in Russia has risen to more than 36,000 over the past three years. 

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With all the above data and its analysis, it can be concluded that there has been a significant increase in the popularity of Russian universities across the world. For Indian medical students aspiring to study MBBS abroad, Russia has once again proven to be an ideal destination. At present, the country has welcomed more than 10,000 Indian students, who are currently pursuing their MBBS in Russia at the top government universities. 

Rus Education has been one of the key assistants in bridging the top government medical universities of Russia with that of the aspiring medical students of India. Currently, approximately 6000 Indian students are pursuing their dream of studying MBBS in Russia with the help of Rus Education. 

With its vivid networks, the team has helped the students with the admission procedures but has also been helping them in navigating their way forward and get well-adapted. Indian students in Russia can therefore enjoy the benefits such as comfortable hostels, Indian mess facilities, on-campus coaching for medical licensing exams, etc.