Karaganda State Medical University

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Karaganda State Medical University

About University

Karaganda State Medical University (KSMU) is one of the outstanding medical universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It was founded in 1950. As per the ratings by the National Accreditation Centre, the university has been ranked at the 8th position out of the 60 top universities of the country. The University is known to be the first medical university in the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the year 2005, KSMU passed the certification in conformance with the requirements of all types of management quality of International Standard ISO 9001-2000; certification authority NQA– the Russian Representation of the British authority in certification management systems as well as NQA – UK Global Assurance.

Karaganda State Medical University offers multilevel training of professionals and students from all over the world with the bachelor’s as well as postgraduate programs along with additional training. The training provided in the university is carried out in Russian and English languages. At present, there are more than 8000 students studying MBBS and other medical degrees from Karaganda State Medical University.

KSMU is known all across the world to employ the best educated faculty members. The faculty of the university consists of 304 candidates of science, 121 specialist with the degree of master, , 76 doctors of science, 20 associate members and academicians of Academy of Medical Science, Academy of Military Science, Eurasian International Academy of Science, International Academy of Information system Development, National Academy of Science, National Academy of Natural Science of RK, Russian Academy of Natural History, and 3 PhD.

Karaganda State Medical University enjoys good tie-ups with the universities and research centers in various countries. KSMU also has a power scientific base that consists of Scientific and Research Centre, where many modern researches of medical science are being carried out. The university has collaborated with the Association of medical education in Europe (AMEE), Great Britain, and World Federation of medical education.


  1. Faculty of General Medicine
  2. Faculty of Gynaecology
  3. Faculty of Stomatology
  4. Faculty of Anatomy
  5. Faculty of Internal Diseases
  6. Faculty of Histology
  7. Faculty of Ophthalmology
  8. Faculty of Clinical Department
  9. Faculty of Neurology
  10. Faculty of Oncology
  11. Faculty of Physiology

Student life

Karaganda State Medical University has its own canteens which serve fresh and healthy food. Before serving the food to the students, it is examined by the food consultants. There is an arrangement for sports activities for the students within the premises of KSMU. The University consists of playgrounds as well as sport rooms. In the University, there is a spacious library available for students with the latest edition of books.

Every year, the University organizes conferences as well as seminars. In these conferences, KSMU cordially invites experts from various major countries like India, Israel, Poland, Major European and American countries.