Top 10 Reasons To Study MBBS in Russia For Indian Students

mbbs in russia
March 10, 2018

Russia is considered to have one of the most prestigious educational systems for Medical students with international interests. For international students, the top-ranking Universities are that and more; a welcoming, modern, and reasonably stimulating place to study MBBS in Russia.

The top Universities of Russia offer a wide range of courses and programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. These courses include MBBS, Engineering, Aviation, Business Management & Energy, and much more. International students in Russia can pursue exciting and intellectually challenging coursework by the side of their Russian peers. These Russian Universities are committed to advancing an ever-evolving student body, campus life, and curriculum that continues to give forth its reputation as the most prestigious places for understanding the foreign culture, affairs, as well as mentality.

  • Russia Is Known To Have The Best Leading Universities:

The most prestigious Medical Universities of Russia are Tver State Medical University, Orenburg State Medical University, Perm State Medical University, Mari State University, Nizhny Novograd State Medical University, Siberian State Medical University, and much more. Each of these Medical Universities is top-notch in every sense – Government recognized, renowned, co-ed, and excellent education. There are many diversified academic departments, sections, interdisciplinary centers, and award programs enhanced over and above traditional departmental boundaries.

  • Russian Universities Are Truly International:

The Premier Universities of Russia provide an academic home to over 1,60,000 foreign graduates from all across the globe for roughly 60 years and allow them to grow as leaders in the public as well as private sector worldwide. Moreover, these top Russian Universities have close tie-ups with the world’s leading educational centers. They honor themselves on the international focus and them being a home for many global students.

  • Global Recognition And Respect Of Russian Degree Programs:

Many of the Russian Medical Universities are recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), the Medical Council of India (MCI), and as per the European standards. Medical students are gaining qualifications that are the keys to academic as well as employment opportunities globally.

  • Wide Course Selection In Russia:

The Russian Universities are known to have the broadest range of educational programs- be it through MBBS, Engineering, Business, Russian Language, Aviation etc. They are truly unique with their study techniques. These Universities help these students in providing the framework for understanding the modern-day- world.

  • Exceptional Academic Access In Russia:

The top Universities of Russia draw together the leading aspects of lab work, liberal arts college, applied science program, and pure science program. This approach provides aspirants with close access to hundreds of faculty members as well as professors which further include full and corresponding members of the well-known Russian Academy of Sciences, thousands of Doctorates as well as post-Doctorates.

  • Russian World Renowned Research Facilities:

With its great reputation and academic status, Russia is consistently on the top of the list of highly-ranked Universities. Their research is extended all across the world through collaborations with leading research institutes of Russia, and other countries of the world.

  • Innovative Education In Russia:

Since the time of beginning, the Universities of Russia have had a vision of merging traditional academic precision with highbrow innovation. These Russian Universities have Innovative Educational Programs which have been implemented long back. It leads to the renewal of its focus on competency-based education. Their courses also facilitate them to develop a new quality system giving back educational, contemporary, and scientific trends with modern management technologies and practices and engaging educational leaders.

  • Academic Excellence In Russia:

The Russian Medical Universities are renowned for their academic excellence. With an increase in the number of international counterparts, Russian Universities are producing the brightest and top-class students who are studying here. Every year, Russia’s best higher educational schools compete for thousands of new places with up to 30 candidates for each place in many courses such as medicine, engineering, law, economics, international relations, etc. Many of the graduates from Russian Universities have become prime ministers, presidents, and foreign ministers of Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Congo, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Slovakia, Ivory Coast, Ukraine, and other countries.

  • Networking of Russian Universities Globally:

The top Universities of Russia not only provide an advanced education but also ample of opportunities to gain professional contacts that will experience well beyond formal education. The challenging framework of these Universities is integrated by the healthy social environment where the student community and alumni are approachable and welcoming to international students. This way, students can become the friends of tomorrow’s political, international, business, legal, and social leaders.

  • Great Social Life Of Foreign Students In Russia:

International students are not just limited to studies but they have also involved in various activities like concerts, comedy nights, dances, and other sports activities. Studying in Russia’s top medical Universities is truly a great experience for foreign students.

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