Rus Education Conducted SOBRANIYE 2023 8th Edition: Study MBBS in Russia

October 4, 2023

Rus Education, on October 3rd, 2023, conducted “SOBRANIYE 2023” for Indian students ready to depart India for their MBBS studies at the Top Medical Universities in Russia. The event was held at the Russian House in New Delhi, graced by eminent personalities including Air Marshal Dr. Pawan Kapoor, Former Director General of Medical Services, Indian Airforce; Ms. Elena Barman, Head Education Department of Russian House in New Delhi; Dr. Nitin; and members of Rus Education. 

SOBRANIYE is a pre-departure orientation ceremony conducted for Indian students and parents who have chosen Rus Education for their MBBS journey in Russia. The event serves as a get-together of the departing students and their parents before the students begin their journey for their future career.

The event commenced with a warm welcome to all the guests, students, and parents who made the event a successful one. Air Marshal Dr. Pawan Kapoor in his speech enthusiastically and cordially welcomed the students and parents to the event. He emphasized the significance of pursuing medicine and shared a comforting message ensuring the quality of education, and safety of students in Russia. 

Furthermore, Ms. Elena Barman shared a thoughtful message, about building trust, safety, and comfort for the Indian students in Russia. She further welcomed each student to Russia and ensured her full support for the smooth transition of the students while they are in the country.

The event held a momentous celebration of anticipation and achievement. The room was filled with mixed emotions as few of the parents took on the stage to convey their heartfelt thanks and their emotions to Rus Education about sending their children away from home to pursue their career. They also expressed their gratitude to Rus Education for the continuous support, encouragement, and guidance throughout the admission process.

The event concluded successfully as students bid farewell to their parents and loved ones, carrying with them the spirit of accomplishing their dream of becoming excellent doctors from top Russian Medical universities.