MBBS Admission in Russia for Indian Students: How to Begin Your First Days?

mbbs admission in russia
June 14, 2022

Russia is among the top destinations of the MBBS abroad for the Indian students. MBBS in Russia often provides the students abundant opportunities and benefits not only in terms of the quality education but also in regards to the career opportunities it allows the students to explore.  

Among the thousands of students moving to study MBBS abroad, a major percentage of the students have boarded their flights to Russia in the past few years. The elaborated numbers have been witnessing a drastic rise with each and every passing year. 

The rudimentary reason that has caused this massive increase in the number of Indian students choosing MBBS study in Russia are the factors such as its affordability, availability, quality, and reputation among the few.

One may wonder about the reason that constitutes for the students’ decision which may be because of the lack of resources in India and this could be the topic of discussion for another day.

Today we would be discussing the things that you should be keeping in mind on two of the important first days. The first being the day, you decide to explore your opportunities of MBBS in Russia and the second being your first day of being a student at the top government medical universities of Russia.

Let us start with a detailed overlook with what to do when you wish to explore your options with MBBS in Russia:

1. Browse Your Queries:

Get your hands on the internet and search away all your queries and concerns in regards to your MBBS in Russia. Be it “ What is the cost of MBBS in Russia?”, “ What are the top medical universities in Russia”, “Do I need to give an entrance exam?” “Is MBBS in Russia valid for Indian students?”,” What are the advantages of studying MBBS in Russia?”, and so on.

mbbbs in russia

Start exploring all your doubts and concerns in regards to the medical education in Russia viz google. You can also reach out to your teachers, mentors, and seniors to ask away your doubts and get advice on how to proceed with it.

2. List Out The Best Universities For You

With over 50 medical universities in Russia, the students can certainly wander upon a lot of choices. With each promising something good, it is obvious that you would be getting easily confused about which to choose. Here are some of the criteria which can help you to shorten the list of the top universities in Russia for MBBS.

  • Recognition:

The first thing you need to confirm, when shortlisting which university to choose is if it is recognized When choosing the university for your MBBS in Russia,  choose the university which has been listed in the World Directory of Medical School and recognized by several medical councils such as ECFMG, FAIMER, and Medical Council of India. 

Remember to check, whether the university of your choice is recognized in the medical council of your country- National Medical Commission (NMC) in case of India, if the student aspires to return back to their country after completing their MBBS in Russia.

  • Language

The Indian students might find it a bit troublesome to cross the language barrier in Russia as English is not a widely spoken language. Therefore, it is necessary for the students to be familiar with the language of the course. There are many reputed and recognized universities in Russia which offer a complete Russian medium of education even for the international students but a few facilitate MBBS in Russia in English medium.

  • Climate

Russia has a huge variety of topological factors contributing to its popular harsh winters. So when you start choosing your destination for your MBBS in Russia, look out for the universities in the deserted or extremely cold areas like Khabarovsk, Oymyako, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Krasnoyarsk, the regions of Northern European Russia and Siberia.

Here is a list of some of the cities and the average winter temperature in them, the students should know before studying MBBS in Russia:



Average Winter Temp.  (°C)





























Nizhny Novgorod




































Saint Petersburg











3. Seek Expert Assistance

After so much research, you have likely shortlisted a bunch of medical universities in Russia for yourself. You can surely check out their website to know more about the respective features and facilities they offer to the students. 

However, it would be difficult to interact directly with the university officials, filing the paperwork and completing all the necessary formalities can prove to be as difficult as choosing one university simply ‘online’. Hence, it is always advisable for the students to take the expert help readily available to assist them for their MBBS in Russia.


MBBS in Russia can prove to be a memorable and happy experience provided you pursue it with the right kind of guidance. With incomplete or ambiguous information, there are also good chances of your stay in Russia being a miserable one. Henceforth, to soothe your troubles in regards to your MBBS study in Russia, it is always advised to get expert guidance to get the maximum benefits with MBBS in Russia.

Rus Education is one of the leading choices among the students who are looking to start their journey to become a doctor with MBBS in Russia. It has been actively guiding the students to start their journey to the MBBS universities in Russia for the past 30 years. The expert and competent team of Rus Education has helped more than 50,000 medical students who are currently living their dream as successful doctors. 

The team helps the students from the very first get-go starting from choosing the best university in Russia for MBBS as per your individual needs. We also undertake all the necessary procedures required for your MBBS admission in Russia such as filing up the application form, getting the student visa, travel, forex exchange, and much more.

mbbs in russia


With Rus Education, you can also avail several other benefits with MBBS in Russia, such as exclusive hostels for Indian students, Indian mess facilities, on and off-campus FMGE/NExT Coaching, and observership at Max Hospital, and much more.

4. Make The Choice For Your MBBS in Russia

Once you have gathered all the resources to armor yourself before making the final choice for your MBBS in Russia, you can go ahead with choosing the university among the best with the help of experienced counselors. But remember to check in the few details and ask away all your doubts before putting your stamp on your final destination.

Questions To Ask Your Counsellor Before Finalising Your University For MBBS in Russia


  • What would the overall cost of MBBS in Russia fees in Rupees?

Many times the students and parents often do not get a clear idea about the actual fees including tuition charges, hostel facilities, mess charges, and others in Indian rupees.

  • What facilities would you be getting aside from those offered by the university with your MBBS in Russia?

Many times the counselors also arrange and provide additional facilities for the students with MBBS in Russia, such as visa facility, air travel, accommodation, mess, and even FMGE/NExT coaching.

  • How many Indian students are currently studying their MBBS in Russia at the university and whether you could contact them?

If possible, get the reference of the students already studying MBBS in Russia in the university of your choice, to get an inside of the student lifestyle, study patterns, and other details. The more the number of Indian students are in the premise, the more are the chances of you blending in.

5. Initiate Your Application Procedure

Once you have finalized which university to choose for your MBBS in Russia, you can now go ahead and start the application procedure to your desired universities. The first step of this procedure is to fill in the application form and submit the required registration fee to confirm it.

Within the span of 2 weeks, you would be receiving the acceptance letter from the university. After which you can apply for the student visa and submit the balance fees.

How  Does Rus Education Help You In Getting The Student Visa, Educational Loan, and Arrangement Of Travel For Your MBBS in Russia?

Rus Education not only helps you with choosing the university for your MBBS in Russia but also takes care of all your needs and requirements in regard to it. Therefore, it provides the students with every possible arrangement to make the entire procedure worry-free.

  • Education Loan Assistance:

We assist you in getting the Education loan at the best interest for you and also help you with all the paperwork it requires.

  • Student Visa Assistance:

The operational team at Rus Education, thoroughly assists you in getting the student-visa and help you with all the procedures.

  • Travel Assistance:

We also assist the students in getting the air tickets in the lowest air-fare and assist you with the complete travel guidance from departure to India to arrival and settling down in Russia.


Now once you have made the choice and have successfully reached the university, there are multiple things you would need to do, to join in to your studies for MBBS in Russia.

Here are some of the things the students need to do on your first day to joining the medical studies at the top government universities of Russia:

1. Familiarise Yourself With The Rules & Regulations Of The University & Country

Get yourself oriented with the rules and regulations of the university as well as the country you would be staying in the coming years. India and Russia have a lot of ideological similarities however there are also many customary cultural and traditional differences the student needs to understand. They also need to familiarise themselves with the regulations of the university to make their learning years easy.

Many MBBS universities of Russia often provide elaborate orientation sessions for the new students on the very first day. So remember to not to miss it!

2. Complete Medical Procedures

As the protocol, to ensure your physical and mental well-being, most of the medical universities in Russia provide the students with medical insurance. For this, the students are required to undergo some basic regimes of health check-ups. The procedure may not be completed on the first day but it is always advisable to initiate the process on the first day itself.

3. Submit The Translated Documents

Though you already have submitted all your documents at the time of MBBS Admission in Russia. You are required to submit the translated academic documents at the university. This has to be done as soon as you start your studies at the university with absolutely no dilly-dallying to avoid further complications and make your stay easy and trouble-free.

4. Register For The Hostel & Mess

Being an international student requires you to get a hostel and arrange for your living at the earliest. Therefore, the students should remember to register with the hostel and mess facility, if available, on the very first day of reaching the university, to grab early chances. However, some of the medical universities may not provide the students with these facilities so the students need to look out for rentals and PGs in the nearby areas.

5. Enroll For The Student IDs

Another important thing to add on the checklist for the first day once you reach the university is to enroll for all the different types of the student IDs, such as library cards, student credit book, ISC, and others, to access them all on time and avail the maximum benefits.

Post Arrival Benefits With Rus Education:

MBBS in Russia is further simplified for you by Rus Education. Our representatives guide you not only with your admissions but also through your entire journey from India to Russia. Our representatives in Russia, readily help you to get through all the procedures and get the maximum benefits with your MBBS study in Russia.

Some of the many on-arrival benefits for the students joining the top medical universities in Russia for their MBBS with Rus Education are:

  • We help you to complete and submit the final documentation at the university 
  • We facilitate the aid to getting the hostel arrangements and Indian mess facilities. For the time being when the student is not allotted the hostel, we arrange for their accommodations.
  • To all the students on board for MBBS in Russia, we issue local SIM Cards with a 10-minute complimentary call after their arrival at the university.
  • We also assist the students in obtaining the Certificate of Equivalence from the Ministry of Education of the destination country. 
  • In case the student requires the Visa extension, we coordinate with the Embassy on their behalf.

To discover more such benefits and get started with your MBBS admission in Russia, feel free to reach out to us. Visit our office near your location or dial in the student helpline number 1800-833-3338 for more information.