12 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For NEET UG 2022

June 21, 2022

With less than a month left for the NEET UG entrance exam 2022, all the students appearing in this exam are geared up to pass it with flying colors. Being the only medical entrance exam in India, it is widely appreciated and given importance when applying to the top universities and medical colleges in India and worldwide. The exam preparations are already in full swing for the aspiring medical students, who ensure to leave no stone unturned in achieving the desired results. 

As preparation is the foundation stone for cracking any exam, students must make sure that they have laid it in the best possible manner so that the outcome is desirable. While preparing for the NEET UG exam, many students tend to make mistakes that can lead to a considerable fall in their scores, if not identified at the beginning. 

So, here we have listed some common mistakes that are to be avoided by the students appearing for the NEET UG exam this year. 

Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in Preparation for NEET UG Exam 

  1. Not Referring To NCERT Books

Most students do not consider referring to NCERT books while preparing for the NEET UG exam. It can be the over-confidence in knowing all of them, or maybe they rely too much on the mock test. NCERT books are the best go-to books for medical aspirants in India, with almost 70% of the syllabus of the NEET UG exam 2022 contained in them. A majority of the questions appearing in the NEET examination come from these books, making them a fundamental part of its preparation. 

With almost every concept covered in the NCERT books, any student can blindly rely on them and must not forget to refer to them. 

  1. Lack of Time Management

Time management is the key to clearing any entrance exam, not just the NEET UG exam, with minimum effort. Any failure can lead to alteration of the consequences, like incompetency in clearing this medical exam. Creating a proper timetable for the preparation for the exam will help medical aspirants study efficiently, attain good scores, and get admission to the top medical colleges of abroad and in India. 

Keeping more time to focus on complicated subjects and topics increases your chances of getting good scores in the exam.

  1. Not Seeking Relevant advice

Good advice can make anyone achieve new heights of success. Students must ensure that they seek the right advice from their teachers and mentors regarding the NEET UG exam 2022. A good understanding of the relevant topics and exam patterns will provide them with better guidance and help them study in detail. 

Such advice can also include references to the websites with useful exam study materials to clear doubts.

  1. Ignoring Self-Study

Self-study is a blessing in disguise. However, an increasing dependency on coaching classes and teachers has made self-study take a backseat for most students, who now prefer ready-made study materials to prepare for the exam. Digging deep into the tough concepts on their own helps students to pave their path on the way to success. 

Giving top priority to self-study and getting in touch with your teachers only to clear your doubts is the ideal way to prepare for it.

  1. Preparing At The Last Minute

Last-minute preparation for the NEET UG exam is a hazard for students as it will only increase stress and tension. Focus is predominantly required from a student preparing for this exam, and therefore, they should start their preparation months before its due date. Investing a good amount of time in every topic and subject is essential, which will not be possible in the end. So, tightening your seatbelts before it’s too late is suggested, and waiting till the last minute to prepare for the exam will only bring failures. 

  1. Too Much Dependency On mock tests and ignoring analysis

Taking NEET mock tests rather than reading books for NEET UG 2022 preparation holds more importance for most students. They focus more on solving these test papers and do not invest much time in understanding the nuances of the lessons. It can be beneficial in the beginning when the difficulty level of questions is low. However, when the preparation reaches an advanced level, they will face challenges in solving such questions. Therefore, a detailed understanding of the concepts and chapters is required before attempting the mock tests. 

Another important aspect of the mock tests is their performance analysis. Never avoid analyzing your performance in the mock tests and understanding the scope of improvement and the required modifications in the preparation strategy.

  1. Mugging Up The Answers

Students preparing for the NEET UG exam often mug up the answers to the biology questions that they found difficult to answer before. But the same proves to be futile for Physics and Chemistry questions and the solutions are only to rework your concepts. Revision of the weak topics before taking up the next mock test proves to be beneficial. 

  1. Pushing Things To Tomorrow

“Excuses are tools of incompetence, used to build monuments of nothing”

Seldom do students make excuses to push their exam preparations to tomorrow and never seem to see the light of the day. Negative consequences of such actions can finally lead to failure in the exam. Focus and concentration are the two rudimentary aspects of any NEET UG 2022 exam preparation that every student must take care of. Every day seems to count when you have a vast syllabus to complete in front of you, and any delays can disrupt your preparation. 

  1. Giving Up Due To Low Marks

Mock and daily/weekly tests are crucial to prepare for the exam. They highlight our knowledge of the subject and evaluate our skills. Giving away all your hopes after securing low scores in these tests will only demotivate you. So, rather than judging yourself based on these tests, it is better to analyze your performance on these tests and learn from them. 

Sometimes, students with consistent low scorers in such tests pass this exam with flying colors as they learn from their mistakes and move on. 

  1. Consequences Of Negative Marking

Bubbling the OMR sheet with mere guesswork may lead to severe consequences like negative marking. Students who have already appeared for this medical exam or NEET mock tests must be conversant with the outcomes of filling up the OMR sheet to attempt all the questions. Every wrong answer will attract a negative marking, impacting your overall score miserably. 

  1. Prioritizing One Subject

This exam majorly centers around the subject of Biology; however, students must not think of leaving Physics and Chemistry. No matter how much you dislike these two subjects, they are an indispensable part of the exam syllabus. Avoid ignoring these subjects since they can also add to your final score. No matter how much you like biology, always remember physics and chemistry can leverage your rank and help you get into the best medical college. 

  1. Referring To Several Books At Once

Insignificant information is harmful when preparing for the NEET UG exam. With so much to learn in front of you in such a limited amount of time, consuming irrelevant information from multiple books will only waste your time. Ambiguity is another drawback you may face when referring to different sources of information. 

The Final Takeaway

Every medical student appearing for the NEET UG exam this year must overcome their preparation mistakes and give their best shot like it’s their last attempt. For this, they must never miss out on any NEET UG 2022 latest news and NEET UG updates that can be relevant in their preparation. A powerful hold on the subjects and quick-wittedness will keep you going and qualify for the exam with an overwhelming victory.