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Southern Medical University


Southern Medical University is known to be the First former Military Medical University. It was built up in October, 1951. In 1978, the University was affirmed as one of the leading therapeutic colleges of China. In the later years, it was renamed as Southern Medial University. This was done with the instruction of the Central Military Committee of PLA and the State Department in August, 2004.

Located at the foot of the picturesque Baiyun mountain in Guangzhou, it is spread in the large area of about one million square meters filled with lush greenery. The university has evolved from over half a century now.

The University offers Masters, Bachelors, and Doctoral Degrees in Clinical Medicine, Pharmacology of Chinese Herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Experimental Technology for Medical Use, Nursing, Medical Testing, Radiation Technology, Biological Medical Imaging, and Medical Imaging. Southern Medical University is proud of his staff individuals and resources. The University contains more than 700 educators and associate professors in the University.


The University is accommodating over 15,000 students. There are hostel facilities for the students. In one hostel room, 4 beds in a room. Students have the facilities of telephone sets and Internet. Within the University, there is a football ground covered with artificial grass, a plastic-tracked ground and a standard swimming pool. Till now, the library has a book collection of 1 million volumes as well as a total number of 100,000 volumes of 2,300 Chinese and foreign periodicals.