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Foreign citizens with insufficient knowledge of the Russian language can be trained at the Pre-university Training Department for foreign citizens. Educational Programs taught in English: • Optics Engineering (Master’s Degree Program: Electro-Optical Unit and Systems) • Nanotechnologies and Microsystems Engineering (Master’s Degree Program: Functional Materials for Nanoelectronics and Microsystems Engineering) • Chemical Engineering (Master’s Degree Program: Chemistry and Technology of Products of Basic Organic and Petrochemical Synthesis, Chemistry and Technology of Biologically Active Substances).

Foreign Student Training

Russian Technological University is a fundamentally new cluster, the largest in Russia, combining classical university traditions and modern trends in education.

At the University scientific researches in a number of priority directions are actively conducted, multi-level training system with a wide range of educational programs is successfully realized, training process is constantly enhanced, information and telecommunication technologies at all levels of scientific and educational process are adopted. Innovative nature of the University activities is a key not only to training of highly qualified specialists, but also to the development of new devices and systems for high-tech industries.

  •  Foreign citizens study at the International Education Institute, which has 66 years of experience in implementing educational programs for citizens of foreign countries. Citizens from more than 65 countries are trained at MIREA. Upon graduation from the University, graduates receive a State Diploma, educational programs are certified both by Russian and international standards.
  • The University cooperates with more than 50 leading enterprises of high-tech industries.
  • The University is a member of several international associations. The main partner countries are China, France, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland and others.
  • More than 85% of graduates are employed within a week after graduation from the University, and this indicator puts MIREA noticeably ahead of many other universities.
  • The University has all the conditions for effective training: educational buildings equipped with a high-speed multiservice infrastructure, corporate IP-telephony and WIFI-zone; there are cafes, libraries, conference halls, as well as several sports complexes with a swimming pool, climbing wall, covered tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts.
  • During the training, students have the opportunity to take part in research activities using modern unique equipment in the scientific centers and laboratories of the University, participating in joint projects with the world’s leading universities.
  • For the University students there are wide opportunities in the field of additional education: joint programs with the largest companies of the IT industry (Cisco, Microsoft, Huawei, 1C-Bitrix, etc.), foreign language courses (English, German, Spanish, Japanese, etc.) MBA, joint programs with VGTRK, Academy of TV and much more.
  • Upon graduation from the University, graduates receive a European Diploma Supplement.
  • In 2017, Russian Technological University became the only university that was awarded the UNESCO medal “For Contribution to the Development of Nano-Science and Nanotechnology”, including the training of students in this field.
  • All foreign students are provided with dormitory accommodation and visa support.


78, Vernadsky Ave., Moscow, 119454 Russia


International Education Institute Phone: +7 499 215 65 65 IP 1022 E-mail: imo@mirea.ru

Pre-university Training Department for foreign citizens

Phone: +7 499 215 65 65 IP 1104

E-mail: avagimyanc@mirea.ru

Tuition Fee: 175 000 – 296 000 rub/year

Faculty: D.Sc. – 349, Ph.D. – 876

Pre-University Programs for Foreign Students (Subjects):

Russian, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science