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Kalmyk State University

About University

The University was founded in 1970 on the basis of the Kalmyk pedagogical Institute at Kalmykia in Russia. The first graduation of students took place in 1975. Currently among 9000 students at KalmSU : There are 1878 are Full Time Bachelors, 1618 Specialists, 213 Graduate Program , Vocational Education — 615 Vocational Education and Baranchinskiy in College — 492, 75 Graduate Students, 12 Doctoral Students. Correspondence — 1183 Bachelor, Specialist 2048, 31 Graduate Students etc.

In recent times KalmSU has enrolled more than 500 foreign students also from different Asian and European Countries.


  • Department of Engineering and Technology;
  • Department of Humanities
  • Department of Mathematics, Physics and Information Technologies
  • Department of Pedagogical Education and Biology
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Management and Law
  • Institute of Kalmyk Philology and Oriental Studies.

The Department of Engineering and Technology carries out preparation of professionals in the following directions:

  • Construction with a training profile in “Industrial and Civil Construction” as full-time and correspondence course.
  • Construction with a training profile “Expertise and Property Administration as a full-time course which gives degree of Bachelor of Engineering Sciences. The duration of this course is 4 years.
  • Agro Engineering with a training profile in “Technical systems in Agro business” as a full time course with the duration 4 years and gives degree of Bachelor of Engineering Sciences.
  • Nature Arrangement and Water Usage with training profiles in “Nature Protection Arrangement of Territories “ and “Expertise & Land Resources Administration” as a full time course of 4 years that rewards students with a degree of Bachelor of Engineering Sciences.
  • Pedagogical Education with a profile of training in “Technology” and “Health & Safety”, form of as a full-time and correspondence with rewards students with a Bachelor degree.

Competitive examinations in all fields are taken in such subjects as: Mathematics, Physics, Russian Language, except for the direction “Pedagogical Education” (examination in Mathematics, Social Science and Russian Language).

The Department carries out preparation of Masters also on the following educational programs: “Agro Engineering”, Master’s program “Technical systems in Agro Business” and “Pedagogical Education”, Master’s program “Technological Education”.

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