AIETI Medical School

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AIETI Medical School

About University

“AIETI” Medical School came into its existence in the year 1992. It was founded by Dr. Dimitri Tvidiani and Dr. David Tvildiani. This Medical School is a branch of David Tvildiani Medical University. AIETI Medical School is known to be the first non-governmental higher educational medical center in Georgia which serves its students in English language.

AIETI Medical School has been upgraded by the National Authorization Council to the status of the University and from 2011 is named after its founder and the first rector as “David Tvildiani Medical University”.

AIETI Medical School is recognized by the WHO and listed in “World Directory of Medical Schools” in thr year 1995. The diploma from this medical school has been authorized by the Asia, different countries of Europe, and Medical Examination Committees of the USA. It is listed under universities of abroad study in the Medical Council of India.


  1. MD Program
  2. E-PBL – MD Program
  3. PHD Program
  4. Doctorate Program
  5. USMLE Preparation Program
  6. Nursing School

Student life

There are hostel facilities for the international students. The hostel is safe and is under surveillance 24*7. Within the hostel, there are various facilities such as free gas, electricity, water. The rooms are centrally heated as per government norms. Furniture and bedding in rooms is provided by the hostel staff. There is a Student Cafeteria within the University.

The campus has a friendly and healthy environment. Other than studies, there are various sports events and cultural festivals.