Tips To Cope-Up With The Pressure Of MBBS Studies

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August 18, 2021

Getting into medicine isn’t easy. Medicine is tough. It takes multiple hours of work, vigorous studies, months of volunteering, and weeks of grueling exams to earn that reputed degree of MBBS. It is one of the longest degrees and can seem never-ending.

A healthy amount of stress can keep you engaged at an optimal level allowing you to perform your best but a substantial amount of it can interfere in your medical career and your dream doctor life (with white aprons and stethoscopes saving lives).

Here are a few tips which will help you deal with the pressure of MBBS studies.

Time Management

Pursuing a course that requires tons of knowledge can be mentally exhausting. In such a hectic scenario being unaware of the next task that needs to be completed from your schedule can be messy and productivity-killing. A study timetable could be an absolute lifesaver for your time management. Planning your studying a week or month in advance is ideal, meaning you’ll know exactly what you need to do, and that you’ll have the time to cover everything you need.

Get Enough Sleep

Late-night works tend to trend as you enter college life. Just make sure it doesn’t compromise your health and your mental well-being. At the end of the day, you are medical students who need to grasp a lot from books which require your attentiveness and proper sleep. So, don’t carry on adventures with your sleep timings, and try and take a nap if you need a quick recharge.


Being future doctors, you need to implement the best fitness advice to yourself with regular exercising. Not only will regular exercise relieve stress but it can also improve concentration and mental awareness – two things that are vital while studying for your degree. Tiring yourself out with exercise will also improve your sleep, which further reduces stress levels.

Get Your Food Right

Combining exercise with healthy sleep and eating habits goes a long way in dealing with stress in medical school. Consuming food and drinks that are high in sugar or caffeine will only heighten your stress. Instead, make sure you are putting healthy food into your body, which will help you stay calm and hopefully boost your brainpower, too.

Eating too much of anything will make you feel lethargic and off-form – so eat in moderation.

Spend Time With Nature

Take your study break in your nearest green space. You’ll immediately feel less anxious and more clear-headed.

Talk It Out

While it is important to keep yourself entrenched in your books, it is also crucial to take time to socialize. Talk to your peers about the challenges you are facing. You might find they are feeling exactly the same way and, as it is said, a problem shared is a problem halved!

Believe In Yourself And Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

Medicine has a reputation for attracting fairly competitive students and you might end up feeling low while competing with your peers. Knowing what works for someone else might not work for you. Make a plan for yourself and try your best to feel confident in your efforts. Going into exams knowing that you prepared the best that you could have will take you very far academically and significantly help your mental health.

Embrace The Professionalism Of Being A Doctor

In Spite of all the challenges you face, remember why you choose to be a doctor and try inculcating the professionalism of this career in yourself. Dress appropriately, watch your language, be kind and courteous to everyone around you regardless of who they are, and most importantly, stay humble. This will help you feel and realize your responsibility as a future doctor.

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