The Scope Of Learning Russian During MBBS in Russia

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July 8, 2021

“Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about.”
– Benjamin Lee Whorf

Studying abroad may come with a lot of challenges and for the most general part, it is the language. Communication plays a vital role when it comes to studying in a foreign land. It helps you significantly with adjusting and adapting to a new environment and creating a new experience.

Scholars say that the best way to get insight into a new culture is through its local language and literature. Russia is a hugely popular destination in the world, a global superpower, and the largest country in the world making its native language Russian of extreme global importance.

Based upon the Old East Slavic- Cyrillic script, Russian is the sixth most natively spoken language in the world, since it is not only spoken in Russia but also the official language of the previous Soviet countries like Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, and the recognized regional language of the countries like Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Baltic countries and several central Asian countries.

The centuries-old language is still a lingua-franca for space along with English. Astronauts have to learn Russian as part of their training and the computer system of the International Space Station uses both English and Russian.

Russian- A Career-Pro Language

The demand for the services of Russian linguistics has accelerated at an unprecedented spurt in India. There is no doubt that the Russian language scope as a career-pro language is breathtaking and astonishing. Many people willing to embrace it have many job opportunities that await them in the corporate world.

It is the most widespread language dominating the Eurasian geographical setting. It is the most popular of all the Slavic languages, and it’s the most vital ethnic language in Europe. It ranks as number 8 of the most spoken tongues worldwide and among the SIX official languages of the United Nations Organization (UNO).

It is a unique and widely spoken language. Currently, there are over 300 million people that speak the Russian language worldwide. Even in the United States, there are over 800,000 speakers. It is the most geographically widespread language of Eurasia and the largest native language in Europe.

But why are you required to study Russian during your MBBS in Russia?

To say in short, to get a better experience of practical learning, it is always advisable for the students to have a communicable knowledge, if not proficient understanding of the language. It is not just the case with the Russian language, even in India, you have to speak the local knowledge in order to interact with the commoners as not everyone might know Hindi or English. In case you cannot, you then have to.

Since the 6-year course of MBBS in Russia includes you to attend clinical rotations involving you to interact with the locals who have a high chance of not knowing English or any other language of your comfort. Therefore, you would have to attend the communication classes for Russian which are structured along with the medical curriculum of the university.

In case, if the students develop an interest in the Russian language and decide to pursue the language, there is a whole pandora of opportunities available for them.

So, what is the scope of learning Russian language during your MBBS in Russia?

Apart from enabling you to communicate better with the locals, learning the basics of Russian language during your MBBS in Russia can help you to explore even further horizons in your medical career.

Since Russian is spoken by over 300 million people around the world and is the largest native language in Europe. And adding on to India sharing a good economic and social relationship with Russia, Russia has a myriad of job opportunities for Indians in engineering, science & technology, oil & gas, defense sectors. Therefore, learning Russian can surely add an edge to your curriculum vitae.

The Russian language in India has been on a proactive development for many years.

The number of Indians learning Russian has been growing significantly due to the following top 5 reasons and job opportunities it presents.

  1. Lucrative Career Opportunities
    Russia is home to one of the most qualified and famous high-tech designs globally, especially in heavy-duty machinery, security, and information technology. Therefore, no matter what your field of interest is, Russia provides you with unlimited career opportunities in your field choice.
  2. Russian Is The Second-Largest Immigration Heaven
    Every year more than 12 million immigrants to Russia from all over the world as amid other European countries, the state of Russia is the most desirable country a lot of people prefer when traveling abroad due to the exponentially growing economy, lavish lifestyle, welcoming policies, world-class education, vibrant & classic literature, and highly ethical & moral values.
  3. A Heaven For Higher Studies
    One of the reasons most people are taking up Russia is that the country is a haven of scientific intelligence and a high-class research center. Presently, the rate of Indian students choosing to study medicine in Russia is increasing each year.
    The Russian educational sector is highly developed. They are among the best in scientific subjects like Physics, chemistry, biology, and more. Today, many Indians choose to pursue medical studies in Russia thanks to the high level of education combined with affordable fees. A large number of universities offer Government-sponsored scholarships to international students to study in Russia.
  4. The Language Of Research
    Since Russia is a prominent name among the leading research practice, the Russian language becomes extremely important when you wish to be involved in the research practices. Space research, medical research, technology research, and every other field require an insightful knowledge of the Russian language.
  5. Unlimited Scope As Language Expert In Medical Tourism
    If you find yourself in a deep interest in the Russian language, the present global market has a high demand for Russian language experts. Especially if, you are skilled in medical studies, the emerging field of medical tourism gives can potentially you unlimited opportunities.

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