Why should you go for Medicine in Ukraine?

mbbs in russia
September 4, 2017

Nowadays many locations around the world compete with each other to attract students from foreign countries to study medical courses. Among the top locations for MBBS studies, Ukraine is one location that has attracted a large number of students from foreign countries too mainly India from the past 5 years. The medical universities in Ukraine believe in Internationalization and that is why they keep themselves and their students updated with the immediate upgrades in the medical field. The pace that Ukraine has adopted is worth praise. An amalgamation of quality education and affordable costs is what students can expect from Ukrainian universities. The universities in Ukraine have adopted English as the medium of instruction as a response to international medical students’ demands.

Ukrainian universities have been extremely popular with students from various countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, etc. for years and now they are getting equally popular in India.

The medical universities in Ukraine are internationally recognized and provide good quality medical education. Degrees of the universities are recognized in almost all Asian and African countries and by WHO (World Health Organization) and medical councils of respective countries.

Why study medicine in Ukraine?

International students are attracted to Ukrainian universities because of numerous reasons. Some of them are;

  1. Simple application and admission process
  2. English medium study programs
  3. Low tuition fees and living cost
  4. Multiethnic environment
  5. Good quality of education

Medical Universities in Ukraine

Nowadays, most of the medical universities in Ukraine have English, Ukrainian and Russian programs. International students wishing to study in the languages must first undergo a one-year preparatory course for the same. However, most of the international students opt for English medium studies in Ukrainian universities.

Tuition fees for MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS tuition fees in Ukraine differ from university to university but affordable costs are what one can be sure about. Tuition fees for the General Medicine program in Ukrainian universities can vary from 3500 to 5000 $ in English medium, and vary from 2500 to 3500 $ in Ukrainian medium.


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