Sobraniye 2021- Pre-Departure Ceremony of Indian students to study MBBS in Russia

mbbs in russia
November 23, 2021

Rus Education in association with the Russian House, New Delhi, organized a memorable event for the Indian students who are departing from India to Russia for their MBBS program. The 1st Edition of the ‘SOBRANIYE 2021’ was conducted on November 21, 2021, Sunday, at Little Theater Group (LTG), 1, Copernicus Marg, Opposite Doordarshan Bhawan, Mandi House, New Delhi, Delhi 110001. During the session, Rus education inducted its students for MBBS in Russia session 2021-22.

Sobraniye is a get-together event for the students and parents who have chosen Rus Education. It is a Pre-Departure ceremony conducted annually for students who have enrolled in Russia’s Top Medical Universities for their MBBS in Russia to celebrate one last time before they enter their new phase of life. The Universities where the students are traveling are Perm State Medical University, Orenburg State Medical University, and Mari State University.

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The program began with the welcome address of the eminent dignitaries, parents, and students followed by the singing of the National Anthem of both the countries – India and Russia, and also as a tradition, the lighting of the lamp by the guests.

Some of the dignified personalities who attended the occasion and shared their word of encouragement to the students who are embarking on their journey to Russia are Mr. Vasilii Shagap (acting Director, Russian House, New Delhi); Ms. Elena Barman; Dr. N K Sharma; and Mr. Syed I Rigan. They shared the stage to encourage the students to brace themselves during these 6 years of their MBBS journey in Russia.

Mr. Vasili Shagap welcomed the students to Russia as they are beginning their journey for MBBS in Russia. He also spoke highly of the relationship between India and Russia, he shared that Russian Medical Universities provide Top-Notch medical education, and also encouraged the students to excel in their studies to become excellent doctors one day.

Ms. Elena Barman shared her point of view. She assured the students and their parents of the safety and also comfort while studying MBBS in Russia. She further commented that to become an excellent doctor, parents and students must not worry about anything and students must stay focused on their academic performance. She sympathized with the parents as they are sending their children away from their home and assured her unconditional support to the students who are going to pursue their Medical journey in Russia.

Another speaker of the evening, Dr. N K Sharma, shared that to become a doctor, students must work hard. He congratulated the students on qualifying NEET and continued his speech by bringing up to light the importance of medicine. He encouraged the students to never lose hope on their journey to achieve their dream careers.

Our last speaker who shared the stage was our very own Mr. Syed I Rigan, He congratulated the students and parents for taking this journey. He also welcomed all the students and parents to the fraternity of Rus Education and assured them the integrated support from Rus Education while they are being away from home.

During the sessions, a few of the parents also shared their joy and emotions for sending their children away from their home country. They thanked Rus Education for proper guidance to choose the best universities in Russia for their children. They also look forward to their children’s success one day.

One of Rus Education’s Alumni, Dr. Joydeep Dutta who is currently practicing medicine in one of India’s renowned Hospitals, also graced the occasion with his presence. He shared his experience with the students and encouraged them to never give up and work hard to achieve their dreams of becoming successful doctors.

A major highlight of the event was the special scholarship distributions to 2 meritorious students. Two Scholarships were:

  • Druzhba Scholarship awarded to Pushpanjali
  • Badhte Kadam Scholarship was awarded to Ritesh Ghosh

These awards were presented to the students for their outstanding performance in their 12th standard.

The event was also conducted to help the young generation by providing cost-effective medical education to become a doctor and fulfill their duties and responsibilities towards the nation and its society.

The event was concluded with photo sessions of the eminent dignitaries along with the students who are heading to Perm State Medical University, Orenburg State Medical University, and Mari State University and their parents. After that, all the attendees enjoyed their snacks to wind up with the session.

It was a brief event to motivate and inspire future doctors to work hard and achieve their goals. The presence of the dignified guests, parents, and students made the event a success.

If you want to witness this event to send the new batch of students to Russia for their MBBS course, Rus Education is conducting the 2nd edition of ‘SOBRANIYE 2021’ on November 25, 2021, Thursday, at Kamani Auditorium, 1, Copernicus Marg, Opposite Doordarshan Bhawan, Mandi House, New Delhi, Delhi 110001. Join us and witness this memorable event organized for our future doctors.

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