Rus Education Organized Vipusk MarSU 2023 for Graduating Batch 2023

November 20, 2023

On November 18th, 2023, Rus Education organised a magnificent Graduation Ceremony, Vipusk MarSU 2023, to honor the graduating class of 2023. The event unfolded at the Russian House in New Delhi, where the accomplishments of around 450 medical students from Mari State University, Russia, were commemorated.

The distinguished gathering included notable guests such as Mr. Alfred Shtoda, Representative of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in India; Air Marshal Dr. Pawan Kapoor (Retd.), Technical Advisor from Rus Education; Dr. Vanita Mittal, General Manager Academics at Max Healthcare; Mr. Harish Chopra, Secretary General of the India Russia Foundation; and Ms. Elena Barman, Representative of the Russian House in New Delhi.

The ceremony kicked off with a warm welcome for guests, graduates, and parents. A special acknowledgment was extended to Indian Medical Students returning from Ukraine who chose Mari State University for their academic pursuits, underscoring the international acclaim of the university as a premier destination for quality education in Russia.

Throughout the event, esteemed guests graced the stage to congratulate and share their valuable insights with the graduating class of 2023. Mr. Alfred Shtoda expressed his delight for the graduates’ success, emphasizing that their achievements not only marked significant milestones but also offered an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between India and Russia.

Air Marshal Dr. Pawan Kapoor (Retd.), Technical Advisor from Rus Education, praised and congratulated each student for their achievements and commended their dedication and resilience throughout their academic journey at Mari State University in Russia.

Dr. Vanita Mittal, General Manager of Academics at Max Healthcare, underscored the importance of comprehensive education and highlighted the abundant opportunities awaiting graduates for career advancement within Max Healthcare.

Vipusk MarSU 2023 concluded on a high note filled with joy, pride, cherished memories, and a grand celebration marking the end of the academic journey of the students and the commencement of a new beginning in their career.