Applicants Urged to Rectify Pending Deficiencies for Eligibility Certificate

March 13, 2024

In the recent announcement by the National Medical Council, it has been brought to notice that a significant number of pending online applications for the grant of the Eligibility Certificate have not been addressed and resolved by the applicants. Around 320 pending applications have not yet been rectified by the applicants, with deficiencies having been conveyed to the applicants more than five times.

Despite multiple warnings, the deficiencies have not been rectified. The National Medical Council urged applicants to correct these faults in their applications at the earliest before 22nd March 2024. 

It is emphasized that no correspondence regarding these applications will be entertained after the set deadline. Further, all applications that remain unsolved beyond the said deadline will be closed due to inaction on the part of the respective applicants. 

This notice acts as a reminder and call to action for all concerned parties to ensure the timely resolution of pending applications.