NEET 2020 Preparation Tip

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July 18, 2020

We at Rus Education help you with everything you need to be a Medical Professional, so this time we have come up with proven strategies and tips to ace NEET 2020. If you are also a NEET aspirant then all you need to do is to inculcate these strategies and tips into your studies. When you work hard and prepare well nothing can stop you from cracking NEET 2020.

Every year approximately 10 lakh students give the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test to fulfill their dream to become a Doctor, but there are approximately 1 lakh seats in India for the medical and dental course. Now by this, we all know how tough NEET is and how much competition a student faces to get a single seat in any medical course.

You need to be very well prepared for NEET. Good preparation is all about good planning and execution. So now, here we start with our strategies:

Make a realistic schedule for your studies- Nobody will tell you this but before you become a doctor, you need to be very disciplined. These are no substitutes for discipline. If you are disciplined enough to wake up in the morning and stick to your hourly study schedule, then you are already a step ahead of everyone who is not disciplined enough to execute their study schedule.

NCERT Textbooks become the bible – Read the NCERT textbook of classes 11 & 12th thoroughly. You need to learn the Biology textbook of NCERT word by word. Also, go for Physics and Chemistry, try to learn and grasp the concept of every topic from NCERT. If you have a hand in Physics and Chemistry’s concepts then it would be very easy for you to solve problems in much lesser time.

Revise– A student needs to also have a proper schedule for revision of every topic of all the subjects. Revision is the key factor that can help you score high and waste less time in remembering the answers while you give NEET. While revising, you have to focus on your weak areas as well as all the high-weightage chapters and topics.

Eat healthily- You need to be physically fit to get yourself on track. Do not have a lot of sugar or unhealthy food. These things will make you suffer and you cannot afford that. This is a time when you should be studying on your toes. You should also do some exercise to feel good.

Take breaks– You do not have to study at a stretch of 5 hours. Nobody can do it with full productivity. Take your time to do other creative work that will relax your mind. Study in small periods when you are at your most productive time and take breaks in between before you start continuing your studies again. Do not overboard yourself. Be relaxed and do not take studies as something you are forced to do. Your studies are the journey of you becoming a Doctor, so, enjoy the journey.

Test your progress– Give weekly mock tests so that you can have an idea of your preparation. Don’t just give the mock test blindly, instead take your time to analyze your mistakes as well after attempting every mock test. This will help you know where you are lacking in your preparation. Every student needs to give a full-length test, which is the 3-hour test, in order to help you catch up with your speed and accuracy to attempt NEET exam.

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