Is It Worth Studying Medicine in Russia?

mbbs in russia
January 25, 2019

Is it worth studying Medicine in Russia? The question can be answered if we look into the present scenario in India in regard to demand and supply of qualified doctors, about the accessibility of medical seats in India, and then compare it to studying MBBS in other western countries, especially Russia. We will also talk about the various advantages and the limited disadvantages of studying medicine in Russia.

According to the present scenario of India, there is a shortage of 10 lakh doctors (approx.) in the country. There are 6 Lakh doctors against a requirement of 16 lakh patients. There are only 62,000 medical seats in India. This year, around 12 lakh students appear in NEET 2018 all across India and only 6 lakh students cleared the Examination. In India, there are only 460 Medical Colleges. Now, where will the remaining student go?

India had secured 67th position among other developing countries. But if we consider a doctor to patient ratio, for every 2000 patients, there is only 1 doctor (approx.). In India, a total of 12 lakh students appear for NEET 2018. Hardly 20% of the students clear the exam. This is one of the major reasons why students choose to go to other countries to pursue their medical education. Russia is a preferred destination to study MBBS Abroad for Indian students because of its quality education and affordable fee structure. The Russian Medical Universities follow English Medium as well as Russian Medium.

There are around 5000 Indian Students studying in Russia out of which about 80% are medical students. There is an Active Community for Indian Students in Russia to provide proper assistance throughout the course.

Also, the diplomatic relations between Russia and India are very cordial. Some of the top Medical Universities of Russia are Tver State Medical University, Perm State Medical University, Orenburg State Medical University, Siberian State Medical University, and Mari State University.

If Indian students complete their MBBS degree from any part of the world, they have to give FMGE/MCI Screening Test to validate or practice medicine in India.

MBBS in Russia is a preferable choice for Indian students as it offers high-quality education at an affordable fee structure by the Russian Ministry of Health & Education as compared to other western countries. Quality education with low cost is one of the major attractions for choosing the top medical universities of Russia to pursue MBBS from Abroad.

Benefits of MBBS in Russia for Indian Students:

  • No Entrance exam
  • No Donation
  • Admission Procedure is very simple and easy
  • Subsidized Tuition Fees
  • MBBS Degrees recognized worldwide.
  • High Standard of Living
  • Indian food Available
  • Hostel Facilities Available

The problem faced by the students after completing MBBS from Russia

  1. Clearing FMGE/MCI screening test which is mandatory for students who have done their MBBS outside India to practice in the country.
  2. Even though the students enrolled themselves in all English Medium, the students claim that not many teachers are comfortable in English Medium.

All in all, studying medicine for Russia is completely worth it as it is recognized worldwide.

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