Case Study: What’s Ahead For Ukraine Returned Medical Students of India?

November 19, 2022

Hi! I am Mihika Gupta from Madhya Pradesh, an aspiring doctor and below is my story. 

First of all, let me share a little background about myself. I belong to a middle-class family. My father is a business owner and my mother is a homemaker. My elder brother is pursuing his final year of MBBS at BRD Medical College. I was inspired by my brother and thus had always dreamt of becoming a successful doctor from a very young age. 

My journey to being a doctor started with the NEET exam, like the lakhs of medical students in India. After class 12, I started preparing for the NEET exam, unfortunately, I was unable to qualify for it on the first go. So, I decided to prepare for next year. It was in 2018, I qualified for the NEET exam, but got a very low score. I once again decided to devote one more year to prepare for the exam. In 2019, I was lucky enough to score better than the last time but was still unable to get admission to any government medical college in India. 

I was initially thinking of attempting the NEET exam for the third time, but this time my brother asked me to look for other opportunities instead of wasting another year. So long- story short, I decided to study MBBS abroad in Ukraine at Kharkiv National Medical University. I enrolled at the university in 2019. 

I had assumed after my course completion, I would be returning home as a doctor. It was going great. I found several friends during my stay in Ukraine. I remember getting ready for the morning classes, the breaks and all the laughter throughout the day and sleepless nights. I remember calling my parents back in India to let them know I had eaten and how my day was. 

But unfortunately, in the spring of this year, everything drastically changed. We stopped going to the university and everywhere around was total chaos. Little did I know it was just the beginning. Soon enough, we all were evacuated from the war-torn country and were back at our homes. 

I remember being hugged by my mother all night. Everyone around me relaxed with my safe return. 

Once things calmed a bit, I started wondering what was next. My dream of becoming a doctor seemingly ended without even beginning. I started being anxious regarding the uncertainty ahead. 

We were unable to get back any documents from the university, and that means, we had to choose between either restarting our studies from somewhere else or completely giving up on our dream of becoming a doctor. I have dedicated almost five years of my life to pursuing medical studies. I had been incredibly hopeful and so were my parents. It was hard to give up on this goal. 

With NMC refusing to allow any scope for the likes of us to enrol in Indian medical institutions. My friends and I once again started with the search to look out for more opportunities abroad. 

One of my friends, somewhere on social media, saw that some of the Russian medical universities are offering transfer opportunities for the Ukraine-Returned medical students of India. 

We came across Perm State Medical University and Mari State University as possible choices. Then after several hours of intense browsing and research, we decided to contact Rus Education directly which we found to be the partner of these universities. 

After a lot of discussion with the counsellor for some days, he suggested that we join the Russian Education Fair 2022 in Delhi, in which we can meet the Rector of Mari State University and clear all our doubts directly with him. 

So we all arrived in Delhi and attended the Fair. We not only met with the Rector of Mari State University but also interacted with him and conveyed our situation. He ensured that we can still transfer to the university with documents available online. He also mentioned that the university would be arranging the bridge course to fill in the gap between the Russian and Ukrainian curricula. And this did it for us!

The team of Rus Education also detailed to us the facilities available at the university such as hostels, an Indian mess facility, coaching for FMGE/NExT, travel and visa arrangements and so on. This was a sure pleasant surprise for us and further affirmed our choice. 

And that’s how I and my friends, the ‘Ukraine-returned medical students of India’ as they say, joined the bracket of ‘Indian students studying MBBS in Russia’. As I am about to board the flight to Russia, I look back and wonder whether what happens really happens for a reason. I thank the blessings of my well-wishers that somehow I have managed to overcome every obstacle thrown my way without steering away from my path of becoming a successful doctor. 

Honestly, with my previous experience, I am a bit nervous about travelling abroad, but what can be done when the dream calls.

How Does Rus Education Help The Ukraine Returned Medical Students of India?

Rus Education has been a choice for the thousands of Indian students studying MBBS in Russia. With assisting 5000+ students to start their journey at top government medical universities of Russia, every year, the team took on the initiative to help the Ukraine-returned medical students of India who have been left stranded in regard to their future ahead. 

Rus Education has extended all these students an opportunity to join the top government universities of Russia for their MBBS abroad- Perm State Medical University and Mari State University.

With the transfer to these universities, the Ukraine-returned medical students of India can get the benefits such as:

  1. Easy credit transfer and admission in the same year.
  2. Transfer on the basis of procured online documents.
  3. Avail the benefits of the bridge courses to fill in the curricular gaps.
  4. On-campus coaching for various medical licensing exams including FMGE/NExT
  5. Advantages of studying MBBS in Russia.

How can Ukraine-Returned Medical Students apply for transfer to MBBS in Russia?

The transfer procedure at the top medical universities of Russia for the Ukraine-returned medical students is extremely easy and direct. It does not require any form of additional charges or donations!

The prerequisite includes translated- Passport, Transcript (online/offline), and Student ID card from the previously enrolled Ukrainian University program.

With the submission of the above-mentioned documents, the transferred university will be accessing all the academic details including the earned credits from your transcripts and enrol in the suitable semester. 

Once the student agrees with the university plan, they can proceed with paying the tuition fees. 

Hundreds like Mihika above have already started their journey to restart their studies with Perm State Medical University and Mari State University. If you are still thinking about how to proceed next and start yours as well, get in touch with our education advisor at 1800-833-3338 to get a free personal counselling session.