How to prepare for NEET 2020 during a lockdown?

neet exams
August 14, 2020

The coronavirus scare has gripped the whole world and, due to that the education system among other things has been hit badly. Schools, colleges, universities are shut down, the whole country put to lockdown, and certainly, the educators, as well as the students, are left looking for alternate options to continue their teaching and learning process, respectively. Similarly, the students preparing for competitive exams are also tense due to the postponement. However, this extra time works as an opportunity for the students, to polish the already done preparation, in order to be a hundred percent sure of their preparation, revise their subjects and study materials, and even study and remedy the weak links in their preparation. NEET exam is a prestigious exam, for the aspirants of medical studies, and with all the stuff going around, they should concentrate on their studies rather than sit idle and waste their precious time. NEET Preparation is an excellent tool for taking your mind off the unnecessary gossip and fears circulating about the coronavirus.

There are certain things which should be kept in mind while preparing for this exam that will surely help the students to concentrate and focus better in order to study well and utilize their precious time. The whole idea behind NEET is to test the basic knowledge of the students and their skills, in order to analyze whether they are fit for entry into a medical college in India or abroad. This pressure not only grips the students but their parents as well. In order to crack this exam, a disciplined lifestyle is mandatory for the students while the parents are required to constantly encourage their children to do well. 

Quarantine has resulted in isolation for the students and in this situation; the students must take care of their physical as well as mental health. Even the leading psychiatrists and mental health experts urge the students to take part in some form of physical activity in order to keep their bodies and mind fresh. In order to concentrate, one must do some workout or yoga, to release the stress from the body. For more, one can also opt for meditation, to relax their mind and have a fresh start in the morning. A balanced diet is also helpful for students. The most important part of the discipline would be to have a balanced sleep cycle. For a healthy human body, any human being requires a sound sleep of six to eight hours, which is very helpful for managing the concomitant stress of coronavirus and NEET Examination

The important part is that the students have already prepared well with the coaching and school, and now the extra time should be used for revising properly. For that, one must set a proper time schedule subject-wise, and then read and prepare from the basic books. The NCERT books are quite helpful to understand the basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. To top it all, some help from the reference book would be great. The students must manage both in a certain way. Since there is no dearth of materials now with the online availability, the students can switch to videos and lectures from YouTube and other educational apps like Byju’s and Unacademy. The students should also get in touch with their teachers and could also opt for group discussions via video calls to supplement their knowledge. Apart from that, the students must take notes and focus on their strong aspects. The students should not overwork their minds but should always try to work on the weak links. The key concepts must be revised and remembered properly. The students must take special care of the exceptions and tricky problems from their practice sets. Since there is ample extra time, a few previous year paper solving would help the students brush up their problem-solving ability.

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