All about MBBS in Russia and why it is best?

mbbs in russia
January 27, 2020

Pursuing an education in India is getting harder by the year. Not only in the medical streams, but for any other professional domain for that matter, there is a severe dip in the number of successful admissions each year as compared to the number of students clearing entrance exams and meeting the passing criteria. The cut-off percentages are going through the roof leaving more and more students out in the unknown with no confirmed seats and thus a future of a career.

In times like these, it becomes imperative that one explores more varied options to fulfill their dreams of pursuing their preferred course. MBBS in Russia is thus one of the most favored options for medical aspirants in India who are unable to secure a seat in Indian government medical colleges. The cut-off for NEET is evidently going up each year resulting in thousands of students being left without admission and even lower morale for missing out on a crucial year of their life. 

The top medical universities in Russia offer a host of benefits to Indian students which make it possible for thousands of students from India to pick Russia as their dream destination to study abroad. An interesting factor to mention here is the possibility of getting direct admission in MBBS in Russia. Russian universities do not require students to qualify for admissions through special entrance examinations and instead base the seat allocation on the merits of a student’s school scores. 

The fee structure in Russian medical universities is also an important factor when it comes to picking Russia as a destination for MBBS. The MCI approved colleges in Russia offer affordable education to students which at times is substantially cheaper than most private institutes in India. The cost of living in Russia too adds to this benefit by allowing students to complete their entire MBBS in Russia within their budgets. 

Speaking in terms of being away from the home environment, most Russian universities solve that concern as their curriculum involves ethnic inclusion by celebrating Indian festivals every year. Therefore, the students who travel for MBBS from Russia do not face the problem of being away from their culture during their course of education.

Some other important factors to consider while choosing Russia to pursue MBBS are –

  1. Advanced technical labs in teaching colleges
  2. The medium of education is English in many Russian medical colleges
  3. Most Russian medical universities are recognized by MCI
  4. Most Russian medical colleges are also recognized by WHO

Pursuing medicine in Russia is thus an excellent option for Indian students and always stands apart from the rest of the universities across the world.


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