5 Things To Avoid While Studying MBBS in Russia

mbbs in russia
December 23, 2021

MBBS in Russia has come to be a popular choice among Indian students over the last few decades. Though Russia, itself has been a popular country in the Indian subcontinent since it’s Soviet days. The decades-long and time-tested friend of India has been constantly engaged at the cross-cultural exchanges with each other. Therefore, the locals find familiarity with each other on several levels.

Russia, for its medical education, has gained immense popularity among international students. Among the several advantages of MBBS in Russia, some of the most commonly concluded benefits are- affordability, feasibility, quality, and scope. Apart from these, studying MBBS in top medical universities in Russia often has unlimited advantages, especially for Indian students.

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So, let’s try to identify some of the things one must avoid while studying for their MBBS in Russia.

1. Thinking It To Be A Cake-Walk

Medical studies can be called one of the most pious education which demands and deserves complete devotion and dedication from its pursuers, whether in India or abroad. Now it does not necessarily mean that medical studies in Russia are very difficult or only for a few. The quality, as well as the difficulty of medical studies anywhere in the world, is determined by its accreditation, recognition, and affiliations.

Bodies like Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), for India, Medical Council of India (MCI) now replaced by the National Medical Commission (NMC) and other medical councils of the country, ensures the quality of medical education in any university.

Therefore, any medical university, which is well recognized and well-reputed, ought to provide quality education. Top medical universities of Russia are recognized by all the above-mentioned bodies. Hence, the belief that MBBS in Russia will be too easy is completely false. However, it does not imply that it is too difficult either. MBBS in Russia is neither too easy nor too difficult, it is of the established standard.

The degree of a doctor is always hard-earned.

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2. Not Adjusting To The Lifestyle Drifts

Not adjusting to the new lifestyle is certainly not a good choice for Indian students who are studying MBBS in Russia. In order to get comfortable, the students must not be rigid to their old everyday routines. Hostel life is always filled with learning and developing habits. The students are advised to adjust to the various changes.

Expecting the same comforts of home in a university is a little too far-fetched of a reality, even to be promised.

Though keep in mind the comfort of the students, the medical universities of Russia are known to provide comfortable hostels, Indian canteens, and much more. All the necessary steps are taken to ensure that the students slowly and gradually get accustomed to a new life.

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3. Depending Totally On The Classroom Teachings:

It is understandable that the students expect their teachers to be the same way as in the school. However, that is not the case at all. In university life, especially in countries like Russia, the student must not expect their teacher to spoon-feed them in every step.

The teachers in Russian medical universities are extremely friendly, well trained, and competent, however, being totally dependent on the classroom may not be the best choice. As per the Russian education system, you would be required to study a topic before coming to the class. Russian education also features in using peer and group tutoring as a common method of teaching.

This might give an impression to some that the teachers don’t teach, however, it is far from the truth. The teacher uses various methodologies while teaching that depend upon the topic and the specific needs of the students. It is for this reason that

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4. Missing Lectures and Due Dates

Though, being out on their own for the first time, many young students step into real life and experience the world for the first time. At this phase, the minds can be a bit delusional, wanting to discover and live everything in their reach. While studying MBBS in Russia, the students would definitely experience a lot of new things and would want to explore.

When staying in a new country where you would be spending many years, it is also good to explore the land and experience it has to offer, however, it should not be at the expense of their studies. Their one most reason for leaving their houses- the education and the dream of becoming a doctor, in the blinding lights.

Being not totally dependent upon the classroom does not mean missing lectures or crossing the due dates for assignment submission, fees, and others. Russian medical universities may not be too lenient in this regard.

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5. Not Planning For The Future

While enjoying their student life with MBBS in Russia and experiencing everything the country has got to its fullest, the students must not forget to set a long-term goal. It is at this time, the students have the required resources in terms of professors, field experts, researchers, peers, and so on required to decide what they want in their career.

Not using the readily available resources for preparing for the after-university life, is one of the most common mistakes the students make. The student can get the right kind of guidance from the very first step.

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