Why MBBS in Russia for Indian Students in 2022?

mbbs in russia
December 17, 2021

Russia has been a top choice among Indian students for their MBBS abroad in the past few years. As many as 5000 Indian students choose to study in Russia for their MBBS. The choice of Russia for its medical studies has further amplified several folds even amidst the onslaught of the pandemic.

Between late 2019 and 2020, several medical universities abroad had either closed their doors for Indian students, However, Russia was the only country whose medical universities kept their doors open and took classes online, therefore, not letting situations hinder the learning of the students.

In the year 2021, Russian medical universities resumed offline classes and called back their Indian students. Along with them joined another fresh batch of more than 5000 students to adjourn on their journey to study MBBS in Russia. Several students who were not able to join the top medical universities of Russia this year have already lined up in the queue for the next year.

Here are 3 reasons that make studying MBBS in Russia, the best choice for Indian students in 2022:

1. Affordability

Russia provides an affordable solution to all the medical students of India, whose concern is the affordability of education and expenditure of stay abroad. Russian medical universities provide medical education at an extremely subsidized fee structure, making it more accessible for all without compromising the quality of education.

Apart from providing a pocket-friendly education, studying MBBS in Russia also promises a low cost of living. The country is widely known for providing a European living experience at the best price. International students can enjoy several discounts and value for money at various places, including public transport, eating points, tourist attractions, libraries, museums, etc.

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2. Recognition

Russia has always been a hub of leading research practices in the world. Even in the field of medicine, Russia has been actively involved in fulfilling the healthcare needs of the medicine. As a result, when the entire world was suffering from the deadly coronavirus, medicine scholars in Russia were developing the ‘Sputnik’ -vaccine against Covid-19.

Developing antiviral vaccines is simply one of the many achievements of Russia over the years in the field of medicine. Russian universities possess global recognition and are highly respected all over the world.

An awarded degree, with MBBS in Russia, from top governmental medical universities of Russia, are highly reputed in a global fraternity of doctors. It surely opens abundant doors of success for all its pursuers.

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3. Learning

Studying MBBS in Russia gives the students a chance to be a part of constructive, productive, communicative, and advanced learning. The classrooms of the university maintain a healthy student-teacher ratio of 7:1 between the students and teacher, to provide an individualized learning environment addressing the individual needs of the students.

The universities are extremely resourceful and well equipped with all the necessary equipment. At several Russian universities, the students learn with humanoids, making the overall experience of learning more enjoyable.

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There are many wonders when it comes to studying MBBS in Russia, here are some of the commonly asked questions in regards to Russia as a destination for MBBS abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions About MBBS in Russia

Q1. Is NEET compulsory to study MBBS in Russia?

Yes, as per the guidelines of the Government of India, in order to study MBBS in Russia, the NEET qualification is mandatory.

Q2. Is MBBS in Russia difficult?

Any form of learning is never easy. MBBS in Russia is recognized by bodies like ECFMG, FAIMER, WDOMS, and NMC(MCI), it is of equal standard as anywhere in the world. Neither too easy nor exceptionally difficult.

Q3. Is MBBS in India taught in English?

Yes, the medium of instruction for medical universities in Russia is in English.

Q4. What are the top medical universities in Russia?

For your MBBS in Russia, Perm State Medical University, Mari State University, Orenburg State University are particularly popular among Indian students.

Q5. What is the cost of studying MBBS in Russia?

The average cost of studying MBBS in Russia is approximately INR 18 Lakhs. The amount may vary as per the individual choice of the student.

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