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Astrakhan State University

About University

Astrakhan State University is the largest scientific and educational complex and one of the leading classical universities in southern Russia. More than 13 thousand students study at the university, including about 2000 foreign citizens representing 53 countries of the world.

Students have every opportunity to study 15 foreign languages, to study under double degree programmes with different countries of the world, academic mobility programmes, and to participate in internships at foreign universities and leading companies of the world. Students of Astrakhan State University are repeat winners of Russian and international competitions and grants.

The University campuses include comfortable academic buildings equipped with unique world-class research and teaching equipment, its own technopark and robotics laboratory, and a research library that meets all modern requirements.

The university provides students with comfortable dormitories. Each room is equipped with furniture and appliances. There are modern sports grounds, gyms, a swimming pool, and sports sections (aqua-aerobics, rugby, swimming, fitness, pilates, volleyball, football) for active recreation.

The spirit of creativity, friendship and respect for cultures and traditions of different countries prevails within the walls of the university. In the modern centre for creative industries every student can express himself and develop his talent, participating in socialization projects, student theatre, KVN, as well as attending vocal and choreographic studios.

Graduates of Astrakhan State University are specialists in demand in the modern labour market, who can find jobs in leading Russian and international companies and in the civil service.


  1. Preparatory Department for foreign citizens
  2. Biology Department
  3. Geology and Geography department
  4. Chemical Faculty
  5. Faculty of History
  6. Faculty of Agribusiness, Technology and Veterinary Medicine
  7. Faculty of Architecture and Design
  8. Faculty of Foreign Languages
  9. Faculty of Pedagogy, Art, Service and Culture
  10. Faculty of Psychology
  11. Faculty of Social Communication
  12. Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Engineering Technology
  13. Faculty of Physical Education and Sports
  14. Faculty of Philology and Journalism
  15. Faculty of Digital Technology and Cyber Security
  16. Faculty of Economics and Management
  17. Faculty of Law

Student life

Studying at the university is not only study and examinations, but also a bright, rich student life, thanks to which the years at the university become the main and the most precious memories of youth.

There are talented young people studying at ASU, who implement a number of projects aimed at the development of creativity, leadership, and personal and professional skills, which ultimately have an impact on the improvement of the university as a whole. Our students have the opportunity to get involved in a number of programmes and projects within various activities (sports, creativity, science, volunteering), to become not only a participant in these areas but also their leaders, to contribute to the promotion of youth initiatives. As part of student councils, you can influence the management of the university as a whole, as well as individual projects (socialization projects, KVN, monitoring the quality of education, organization of international and all-Russian forums, sports events, charity events, environmental sites, etc.).

Traditionally, all activities of V.N. Tatishchev Astrakhan State University, be they academic, extracurricular, scientific, international, etc., are built on close interaction between the university staff and students, because we believe in our students and trust them to make decisions today that will affect both their future and ours.

Fee Structure 2023-2024

Fee Pattern 1st-4th  (Bachelor’s Degree) 1st & 2nd  (Master’s Degree)
Per Year (maximum tuition) 2000 (USD) 2000 (USD)
Total fee 8000 (USD) 4000 (USD)

Note: The above-mentioned fee structure is the final amount to be paid by the student to Rus Education. This fee package includes Tuition fee, Hostel accommodation fee, medical insurance, remuneration to the center, MCI coaching for the complete duration of the course, airport transfer to the university, a phone call to parents on arrival in the university, study material in English Language, documentation of the student in the university, free translator to facilitate, and other services.
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