Astrakhan State University

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Astrakhan State University

About University

Astrakhan State University was founded in 1932 and is located in Astrakhan, Russia. Astrakhan State University is one of the oldest and largest scientific and educational complex. It was founded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

Astrakhan State University offers unique education to all aspirants from different countries of the world. Some of the educational programs are included in the ranking of Russia's best educational programs. The availability of programs and their ranking draws thousands of Russian as well as foreign students to study at the university.

Currently, more than 13,000 students are studying at Astrakhan State University including 2,000 foreign students. The university also offers an opportunity for the students to learn 16 foreign languages.

ASU actively develops international relationships. ASU runs the UNESCO chair “The Learning Society and Human Sustainable Development”. There are various programs and projects that the university jointly associated with other institutions in Russia and other countries of the world. At present, Astrakhan State University is in partnership with more than 80 leading Foreign Universities, organisations, and companies from 20 different countries. Through the international tie-ups, cultural, research, and information centers have been established.


  1. Faculty of Physics & Technology
  2. Faculty of Mathematics & Information Technologies
  3. Faculty of Architecture & Design
  4. Faculty of Agribusiness, Technologies &
  5. Veterinary Medicine
  6. Faculty of Geology & Geography
  7. Chemical Faculty
  8. Biological Faculty
  9. Faculty of Psychology
  10. Faculty of Pedagogics & Social Work
  11. Faculty of Physical Training & Sports
  12. Historical Faculty
  13. Faculty of Social Communications
  14. Law Faculty
  15. Faculty of Foreign Languages
  16. Faculty of Philology & Journalism
  17. Faculty of Business & Economy
  18. Faculty of World Economy & Management

Master’s Degree

  • Faculty of Physics & Technology
  • Faculty of Mathematics & Information Technologies
  • Faculty of Agribusiness, Technologies & Veterinary Medicine
  • Faculty of Geology & Geography
  • Chemical Faculty
  • Biological Faculty
  • Faculty of Psychology
  • Faculty of Pedagogics & Social Work
  • Faculty of Physical Training & Sports
  • Historical Faculty
  • Faculty of Social Communications
  • Law Faculty
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages
  • Faculty of Philology & Journalism
  • Faculty of Business & Economy
  • Faculty of World Economy & Management

Student life

Astrakhan State University is one of the best universities in Russia. Students who study in Russia at ASU get to experience the best and comfortable stay in and around the university campus. ASU has 7 dormitories with 1500 beds where students can choose double or triple sharing to stay while studying at the university. The university provides many amenities to the students to ensure their comfort and holistic development. There are 3 gyms, 2 open sports areas, a movie and concert hall with 600 seats, a swimming pool, a Healthcare center with 38 beds, specially made for the students.

Astrakhan State University has a library with more than 1000000 collections of books, journals, magazines, and several other items which the students and staff can use for their studies, projects, and research activities.

Fee Structure 2022-2023

Fee Pattern 1st-4th  (Bachelor’s Degree) 1st & 2nd  (Master’s Degree)
Per Year (maximum tuition) 2000 (USD) 2000 (USD)
Total fee 8000 (USD) 4000 (USD)

Note: The above-mentioned fee structure is the final amount to be paid by the student to Rus Education. This fee package includes Tuition fee, Hostel accommodation fee, medical insurance, remuneration to the center, MCI coaching for the complete duration of the course, airport transfer to the university, a phone call to parents on arrival in the university, study material in English Language, documentation of the student in the university, free translator to facilitate, and other services.