The Cost of Studying MBBS in Russia- An Expense or Investment?

March 25, 2022

Russia has been an age-old familiar name among the Indians, especially students who are in hopes of pursuing higher education or research practices abroad. In a recent trend, every year Russian medical universities witness a massive influx of young students from India. 

MBBS in Russia is one of the top preferences for the Indian students who wish to opt for MBBS study abroad. The country itself is well-reputed for its education and research practices across the world. But what comes out to be a major factor which makes Russia a popular option for medical education abroad is its cost- not just of the education but staying in the foreign land as well!

A recent report states the MBBS in India is quite an expensive affair for a student belonging to an average family background. As a direct result of this, several students who could not get seats in the government medical colleges of India are often found studying MBBS outside the country. Among the several options present at disposal to fulfill such needs, countries of Caribbean, Asia and Europe are one of the top choices for the Indian students. 

Every year, thousands of students opt to study MBBS abroad and a majority of which find their way to pursue their medical education in Russia.

Though the overall cost of studying MBBS in Russia can not be called the lowest in the world as there are certainly options available in other Asian and African countries providing medical education at much lower cost, however, unlike Russia, these medical degrees from these universities carry several setbacks for Indian students.

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Here are some reasons that make the cost of studying MBBS in Russia a strong investment towards a successful medical career.

  1. International Reputation

Several medical universities of Russia come along with a series of accolades and achievements. Some of these universities carry a strong lineage of over a century of experience as well. These facts contribute to establishing an international reputation of the Russian medical universities. An awarded medical degree from a recognised medical university, with its reputation opens up unlimited opportunities for the students. 

The medical universities of Russia are often found to be listed among the top medical universities of the world by several medical universities. Some of the accrediting and recognising bodies of medical education in these universities of Russia are ECFMG, FAIMER, NMC (National Medical Commission), Medical Council of Canada, (MCC) and so on.

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  1. At-Home Comfort

India and Russia have always shared cultural and ideological similarities, which have strengthened locally and politically over the decades of friendship. As a result of such bi-lateral exchange, Indians are warmly welcomed even by the natives of Russia. Taking a step further to welcome and comfort the Indian students students in Russia, the Russian medical universities, many a times facilitate Indian food, events for the celebration of Indian festivals, etc.

Therefore the students studying MBBS in Russia enjoy an at-home comfort, even when they are miles away from their homes in India. 

  1. Top-Quality Education

Another reason that makes up for the cost of studying MBBS in Russia, is the quality it offers. Apart from the living conditions, the country is also known to provide quality education. The classrooms of Russian medical universities are often found to be well- equipped with all the latest technologies and ubeat methodologies to engage and motivate the learner throughout the learning process.

Measures such as above makes MBBS in Russia not just reputed but also effective to address the global health needs.

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  1. Access to Resources

Opportunities such as MBBS study in Russia opens up varied opportunities in terms of the access to the resources. Be it access to latest technologies, approaches, researches, fraternity connections, etc. studying MBBS in Russian medical universities provides facilitates access to some of the hard-gained approaches that too while pursuing the undergraduate medical studies.

Therefore, among the several advantages of studying MBBS in Russia, it offers to its students unlimited access to the exclusive resources in the form of researches, experts, technologies etc. 

  1. Career Opportunities

With a medical degree from Russia, the world opens up a pandora of opportunities for the young doctors. The students can discover and pursue their field of interest to the highest level and can start from the very beginning. From the traditional conventional fields to those of the new age and unconventional horizons. The students can get undivided attention from their professors for productive career guidance and excel in their fields of interests.

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