Advantages Of Studying MBBS in Russia

mbbs in russia
October 18, 2021

Medical education abroad has been the upbeat choice of the thousands of Indian students who despite working hard day and night, unfortunately, are not able to secure an MBBS seat in any government medical university in the country. The disheartened students often find themselves burdened with the exorbitant and covert charges of private colleges of India for studying to fulfill their dream.

It is at this time that the students often start ogling for the options of studying MBBS abroad. The medical universities abroad are known to provide easy admissions that too at a comparatively lower price than that of the private colleges for MBBS in India.

However, one must remember that quality education and low fees might not go hand in hand all the time. One can easily find many universities offering MBBS admission at a low cost, however, they are very low chances that the students can get

The statement though at times may stand true but when it comes to studying MBBS in Russia it certainly becomes a fallacy.

Here are a few of the many advantages that studying MBBS in Russia proudly stands upon!

1. Affordability & Feasibility

One of the most important reasons that make Russia stand out among the list of the top countries for MBBS abroad for Indian students is the overall affordability and feasibility it provides to the Indian students. Traveling to the country and even within the country is extremely affordable. Even the overall cost of living in the country is extremely low as compared to its subordinating nations.

The affordability of medical education in Russia acts as an added bonus to the students wishing to study MBBS abroad but are worried about the price. The cost of MBBS in Russia is generally deemed to be pocket-friendly. Any student from India can easily get admission to any top government medical university in Russia for as low as about INR 18 Lakh!

2. Recognitions & Validations

The main concern of the students seeking MBBS admission abroad is its recognition and validation in India or in other countries like the USA, UK, Canada, etc where they wish to pursue their career. Every country has its own regulatory body determining and screening the quality of medical practitioners in it. For India, this governing body is the National Medical Council (NMC) erstwhile Medical Council Of India (MCI). In order to practice in India, the graduates of MBBS abroad have to appear and qualify for the medical licensing exam called Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE). FMGE is expected to be replaced by the National Exit Test (NExT). Similarly, for practicing in the USA, there is USMLE, for the UK, there is PLAB, and so on.

MBBS in Russia for Indian students offers an advantage for getting the coaching for the said exam during their course of study within the university itself. For this, the top government medical universities of Russia often provide guidance and career orientation to the students at the very initial stage which helps in preparing them up for the upcoming difficulties they might face.

3. Warm & Enthusiastic Student Life

Expert educational philosophers and psychologists classrooms are not the only representation of quality education as the students tend to learn more outside them. Russia has been a close associate of India and as a result, both cultures have strongly influenced each other. Starting from the superstitions to even the cuisines both cultures have been strangled in the close web of friendship for decades. It is one of the many possible reasons why Russian locals and Indian visitors often find themselves in comfort in each other’s company.

Medical students studying MBBS in Russia, therefore get to witness a warm and comfortable local environment assisting them in their overall learning process. This also enables them to adjust well in a comparably contrasting culture to that of their homeland.

4. Learning Centric Education Practices

Russian education is known for facilitating the learning-centric education process. The use of strategies like group learning, peer tutoring, etc is extremely popular in the everyday routine of the classroom. Apart from them, the routine also involves the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools to involve characteristic multisensory learning.

The universities also take the initiative to provide the students with top tools and advances of learning like that of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, etc. As a major attraction, several universities like Perm State Medical University have a special humanoid, named Yuri, which helps the international students by imitating patients and interacting with them in the language of their comfort that is English.

5. Infinite Career Scope

As discussed above, medical education in Russia often acts as a getaway for unlimited opportunities. Starting from the conventional hospital job to pursuing higher education in some of the most renowned associations, working with the globally acknowledged names in medical research practices, to getting familiar and practicing some of the unconventional choices after MBBS.

Studying MBBS in Russia makes the students eligible and many times preferred for various positions and routines, therefore, increasing the possibility of a successful life to several folds up.

6. Unlimited Scope With the Russian Language

A lot of challenges can come along with studying abroad, and for the most part, it is the language barrier. When it comes to studying abroad, communication plays a crucial role. Adapting to a new environment and creating a new experience is significantly aided by it.

It is said that learning the language and literature of culture gives a unique perspective on that culture. Due to Russia’s status as a global superpower, the world’s largest nation, and its native language, Russian, it is of extreme global relevance.

The demand for Russian linguistics in India has increased at a faster rate than ever before. Russian’s prowess as a career-profession language is without a doubt amazing and breathtaking.


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