Vivaswan Pradhan

Tver State Medical University, Russia.

“ I am a student of Tver State Medical University, Russia and I would like to thank Rus Education and its entire team for making my dream of becoming a doctor come true. Rus Education has stood beside me as a strong support right from the very beginning when I started my journey to pursue medical education abroad in the year 2010 and has been the content help and hand till I successfully achieved what i desired about and received my graduation in the year 2016. Be it, registration, admission, examination, travelling to and from Russia back to India I have found a guide beside me always. Rus Education has been the reason for my success as a doctor and I will be grateful to it from the core. ”


Reva Prashar

Perm State Medical University, Russia.

“ I am very happy and satisfied with Perm State Medical University, Russia. My sincere gratitude to my counselor at Rus Education, Chandigarh who not only helped me to shape my plan of studying abroad but also supported me to achieve my dream. In my views Rus Education. is the best organization providing assistance to students in getting admission in MBBS. Thank u from the bottom of my heart to Rus Education who also encouraged and motivated me to move ahead. Would like to convey my special thanks to my counselor his kind cooperation. Thanx a lot. ”

For Indian Students* who want to complete all the five years of MD Program at LAU campus in South America, NEET is mandatory. For Indian Students who have not qualified NEET and want to start their Medical Education without further delay, we provide the Pre-Medical Program at Sharda University, India. During the one-year Pre-Med Program at Sharda University, NEET coaching is also provided to students to help them clear NEET in the upcoming attempt. So, our collaboration with Sharda University helps NEET unqualified students save one year and study the Pre-Medical Program alongside the preparation for NEET. Once they qualify NEET and complete Pre-Med Program, they will complete the next four years of the MD Program in our Guyana Campus. Students who have already qualified NEET are eligible for direct admission in LAU and can complete all the five years of study in Guyana, South America. Indian Students here means students who are citizens or overseas citizens of India.

Bablu Suthar

Orenburg State Medical University

“ All thanks to Rus Education, who helped me discover myself. I was invited for the counseling session just after a few hours of submitting my information on the website. The next day I went to their office where I was warmly greeted. The staff treated me very well. They first analyzed my profile telling me about my strengths and weaknesses and the entire procedure was actually very smooth. On joining the Orenburg State Medical University, I was surprised to see many Indian seniors. All of them were very kind and helpful to me. The teachers and staff are always there to motivate you and help you for all your requirements. All the facilities here are great. The maintenance in Hostel is an added advantage of choosing University via Rus Education. ”

Anmol Bhatia

Tver State Medical University

“ I am a student of Tver State Medical University studying in first year. I came to Russia on 15 October 2017 with full excitement, hopes and joyfulness. At the Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, we met the senior students already studying here in third and fourth course. The teacher knew English well and are very good in teaching too. Gradually, we were in touch through all our subject teachers. In first year there are nothing new subjects except Anatomy and Histology. In first semester we study Physics, Chemistry, Latin, Mathematics, Biology, Medical Informatics( a subject in which we are made to learn type Russian on computer). The Anatomy subject here is good. Overall till now my experience with MBBS in Russia has been great. If you worked hard for complete six years it’s impossible for you to not crack MCI. I highly recommend the services of Rus Education if you want to take admission in MBBS in abroad. ”


Ishmanjot Singh

Bashkir State Medical University

“ Hi, I am Ishmanjot Singh from Punjab. I am a first course student in Bashkir State Medical University. I would like to thank Rus Education, Chandigarh for helping me in making my dream come true. I always wanted to study MBBS from abroad and Rus Education's guidance made me fulfill it. I am very satisfied with Bashkir State Medical University. Thanks a lot, to Rus Education for their co-operation. ”


Dr. Ajay Kumar Gupta

Brother Yashank Kumar Gupta, Tver State Medical University

“ I would appreciate and always will be obliged by the efforts and out of the way help which I have received from Rus Education and its entire staff. Right from the commencement of my brother connect with Rus Education in respect of admission in Russian Govt. ”

Vicky D. Kale

Joined Tver State Medical University

“ I'm Vicky D. Kale student of Tver state medical university. To get into a university of my choice in Russia all I wanted was a supportive and informative interaction with the counsellor. Then Rus Education guided me stepwise in doing all procedure. They also helped in visa documentation, in sending my application to university and following them up. Rus Education not only helped me with the procedure but also in selection of college. Rus education made my journey as an aspiring student in Russia. ”

Tarjni Tiwari

Joined Orenburg state Medical University

“ I am very happy and satisfied with Orenburg State Medical University,Russia and with this small note extend my sincere gratitude to all my counselors at Rus Education, who not only helped me to shape my plan of studying abroad but also encouraged and motivated me to realize it. ”

Ankur Khurana

Joined Tver State Medical University

“ The importance of imagination, openness and flexibility of mind, integrity, initiative, respect for self and others are taught here at TSMU from the very first day. I have achieved more at TSMU than I ever thought possible. And the people in Russia respect us and our culture more than we do..” ”


Gagandeep Singh

Joined Tver State Medical university

“ Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Rus Education for guiding me and counseling me all the way right from choosing the right country to getting admissions to helping me in all the process.There has never been a single moment where I have been said a single lie. Rus Education has helped me when I needed. ”


Joined Tver State Medical University

“ I am very happy and satisfied with the decision to study in Tver State Medical University. Initially when I used to think about Russia , I would picture a very cold and dull country, but after I reached here, I found out that it is quite a beautiful country and the university if I talk about is the university its is one of the best university one can think in respect of studies, atmosphere, infrastructure et the students and seniors here helps us in all situations , senor students helps us in best possible manner where they not only make us feel comfortable, when I was struggling to get admission procedure admission in India , Rus Education came to my aid , they simplified my admission procedure and helped me in taking a step forward towards my dream of medicine , I am well settled now and enjoying my stay in Tver Russia. Thanks you Rus Education for fulfilling my dream. ”


Mr. Sanjay Sawant F/O Sumit Sawant

Sumit Sawant Joined Orenburg State Medical University

“ Myself Mr. Sanjay Sawant. my son sumit sawant is studying in 2nd year orenburg state medical university. we have approached Rus Education after searching on internet. they have very knowledgeable staff. They gave us all the information about procedure and university and did it very professionally. They took care of everything and even in academy they have their staff to look after every student. i am willing to recommend rus education to other aspiring students. ”


Robert A Mrs. Sonali Mhaske M/O Nikita Mhaskedison

Nikita Mhaske Joined Tver State Medical University

“ Rus Education is an authentic platform to get admission in Russia. The expert counselors help us a lot and guide us personally to get the admission. ”



Joined Tver State Medical University

“ Hi! I am Shreya, right now pursuing MBBS in Tver State Medical University, Russia. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude towards RusEducation for their utmost support and guidance, helping me to fulfill my dream. ”