Ready to Join MBBS Admission Expo 2023

March 17, 2023

India’s biggest MBBS Admission Expo is back with more opportunities and a stronger aim of reaching out to more aspiring medical students in India. The highly anticipated MBBS Admission Expo 2023 is a sigh of relief for all the thousands of aspiring medical students of India who aim to become successful doctors but are unable to enroll in Indian medical colleges either due to the highly competitive NEET score or given the expensive fees of those of private medical colleges of India. 

MBBS Admission Expo 2023 aims to not only reach out to these aspiring medical students but also provide them with the right guidance to achieve their goals with the best opportunities under a single roof. 

Participating Members

The MBBS Admission Expo 2023 would feature 25+ top medical universities abroad for Indian students from 7+ countries such as Russia, Bangladesh, Barbados, Guyana, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, etc along with 3+ most trusted and best overseas medical education providers of India. 

Rus Education is one of the pioneers and the most trusted choice for aspiring Indian medical students for their MBBS in Russia would also be joining the MBBS Admission Expo 2023 in order to reach out to more aspiring doctors in various parts of the country with the best opportunities in Russia exclusively for them. 

Rus Education is also tagging along the 3 most popular and preferred, top government medical universities of Russia among Indian students- Perm State Medical University, Orenburg State Medical University and Mari State University. 

What’s in Store?

MBBS Admission Expo 2023 brings along unlimited advantages for all aspiring medical students of India. With 25+ best medical universities from 7+ top countries offering opportunities for success for the aspiring doctors of India, the Expo brings in the benefits of expert guidance, assistance in the admission process, on-spot admissions and exciting discounts and exclusive scholarship benefits. 

☛ Best destination for MBBS studies

☛ Recognised & Reputed Universities

☛ Interaction with the experts

☛ MBBS Admission Guidance 

☛ Complete Admission Support

☛ NEET Mock Tests

☛ On-Spot Admissions

☛ Special Discounts

☛ Exclusive Scholarship Benefits

And the list continues…

With an extravagant plan of reaching out to the door of every aspiring doctor in India, the expo brings in easy and comfortable experiences for all struggling students with the best-suited opportunities for them.

What Not to Miss! 

Rus Education at MBBS Admission Expo 2023, brings in more advantages for all aspiring doctors of India and their would-be parents. The team brings you the top government medical universities of Russia and proven support from admission to graduation. 

  • Top Government Medical Universities in Russia
  • Support from Admission to Graduation
  • NEET Mentorship
  • Early Registration while you prepare for NEET

With Rus Education, aspiring doctors can also get NEET mentorship from experts to help them prepare and plan better for their future. Another important no-miss is the opportunity to reserve your MBBS seats in top government medical universities of Russia while you prepare for the NEET. On successful registration, the students can get access to unlimited NEET resources such as Masterclass in Bilology by Dr N.K. Sharma, mock tests, and more.

Highlights: Rus Education at MBBS Admission Expo 2022

In the past year, the team of Rus Education has participated in 25+ MBBS Admission Expo 2022 and helped 250+ students on their MBBS journey. Approximately, more than 100 students started their journey of MBBS in Russia with Rus Education. 

How To Join?

To participate in India’s Biggest MBBS Admission Expo 2023 and get the latest information about the same, the students and parents are required to register at www.mbbsadmissionexpo.in. For more details, do contact our student’s helpline number 1800-833-3338.