Sobraniye: Pre-Departure Ceremony for Indian Students

September 13, 2023

On September 13, 2023, Rus Education proudly hosted another edition of SOBRANIYE 2023, a Pre-Departure Orientation Ceremony for students embarking on their medical education journey in Russia, specifically at Perm State Medical University, a top medical university in the country. The event welcomed a distinguished panel of guests whose words of wisdom served as a source of inspiration, instilling confidence in the students to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination. Moreover, these guests reassured both students and parents about the unmatched safety and academic excellence awaiting them at the top medical universities in Russia.

As the event came to a close, a poignant and heartfelt moment unfolded, one that touched the hearts of all in attendance. It was the moment when students bid farewell to their parents, marking the beginning of their noble journey towards a career in medicine.