FMG Felicitation Ceremony 2023 in New Delhi

FMG Felicitation Ceremony
March 21, 2023

The exceptional eve of 18th March 2023 bore witness to Rus Education welcoming its former students, the new doctors and their proud parents for FMG Felicitation Ceremony 2023 at the Russian House in New Delhi. Joining to congratulate and bless these new doctors were Mr Oleg Osipov, Director & Ms Elena Barman, Head of the Education Department from Russian House in New Delhi, and Mr Viktor Garelikh, Representative of Russian Embassy along with the management of Rus Education- Prof S.K Washim, Chairman, Air Marshal Dr Pawan Kapoor, Vice Chairman and Mr Syed I Rigan, Managing Director. 

Ms N.V. Minaeva (Rector) & Dr Vikas Saxena (Indian Representative)  from Perm State Medical University, Prof Mikhail Shvestov (Rector), and Dr Rohit Chaudhary (Indian Representative)  from Mari State University, and Prof. Miroshnichenko I.V. (Rector) from Orenburg State Medical University also sent their congratulatory note addressed to the students. 

The former students were awarded by the guests for their exemplary achievements making the evening more memorable and proud for not only them and their parents but also for the team of Rus Education. 

The evening concluded blissfully with the arranged dinner, cocktails and music that were enjoyed by all!