Russian Medical Universities Participates At Round Table Conference In New Delhi

Russian Medical Universities Participates At Round Table Conference In New Delhi
September 15, 2022

On 14th September 2022, the Russian House in New Delhi, held a grand Round Table Conference in its premise. The Conference witnessed several top government universities of Russia such as Mari State University, Perm State Medical University and Orenburg State Medical University as well as various leading medical colleges and institutes of India such as Al-Falah Medical College, SGT Medical College, Max Health Institute, Santosh Medical College, Sharda University, Clove Dental, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, and SahaManthran Pvt Ltd. 

Mr Oleg Osipov, Director, Russian House in New Delhi also joined the conference to welcome all the guests and initiate the discussions. He was also joined by Air Marshal Dr Pawan Kapoor, Vice Chairman and Dr Dinesh Singla, Director, Rus Education. Ms Elena Barman, Head of Education Department was also present at the conference along with her Russian counterparts. From Russia, several delegates including, Prof. Shvestov Mikhail N., Rector, Mari State University, Prof. Tatyana, Deputy Dean, Orenburg State Medical University, Prof Iuliia Tretiakova, Perm State Medical University along with others joined the conference to discuss the prospects of associations and partnerships with best medical institutions of India.

Their Indian counterparts too joined the conference with the objective of further widening the opportunities of associations. Among the participating members, the bench witnessed, Maj Gen (Dr) P K Singh, VSM (Retd), Principal, Al Falah Medical College; Dr (Ms) Vanita Mittal, General Manager, Academic, Max Health Institute; Dr Reena Nayyar, Executive Director (Medical) and Maj Gen (Dr) SPS Kochar (Retd), Dean from SGT Medical College, Hospital & Research Institute; Dr Shalabh Gupta, Dean Academics & Dr Rajiv Ahluwalia, Dean Student Welfare from Santosh Medical College; Dr Manisha Jindal, Dean, Schools of Medical Sciences & Research, Sharda University; Lt Gen (Dr) Vimal Arora, PVSM, AVSM, VSM & Bar (Retd.), Clinical Care Officer & Ms Bindu, Lead Trainer from Clover Dental; Dr Sanjeev K Singh, Medical Director at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre and Dr Shyama Nagarajan, Managing Director, SahaManthran Pvt Ltd.

The Round Table Conference was organised after the interval of 2 years due to the covid situation across the globe. The objective of this conference was to establish relationships and take forward certain agreements in regards to medical education, research, and student & faculty exchange programs in both online and offline mediums and to ensure the security of opportunity for the Indian students returning from Russia after the completion of their studies in the form of observation program or preference in internships. 

Air Marshal Dr Pawan Kapoor, greeted and introduced all the participating members to each other and initiated the discussion. After his brief introduction, he passed the mic to Prof Shvestov Mikhail N. who shared his gratitude for being present at the event and briefed the students about Mari State University. A similar note was also shared by Prof Tayana and Prof Iuliia about Orenburg State Medical University and Perm State Medical University, respectively and later by all the participants from India as well.

The event began with the representatives of Russian Universities, briefing them about the features and facilities available at the university for Indian students. Following them, the representatives of Indian universities too detailed their USPs. The aim of the discussion was to find the mutual area of interest, cooperation and development between all the participating bodies. 

The event concluded with the Mari State University signing the agreement of cooperation with Santosh Medical College. Prof. Shvestsov Mikhail N., Rector, Mari State University was joined by his counterpart from India, Dr Shalabh Gupta, Dean Academics, Santosh Medical College to sign the dotted line. With this agreement, the universities would now be cooperating with each other in regard to scientific research, resources and faculty and student exchange program.