Virtual Russian Education Fair: 2020

August 18, 2020
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Rus Education in collaboration with Russian Centre for Science and Culture has organized a two-day Russian education fair with effect from 16th August to 20th August 2020 on a virtual platform. This is the first of its kind virtual education fair that has been organized on such a large scale and that reached out to students and parents throughout the length and breadth of the country. The Fair provided an opportunity to the students and parents alike to interact with the University representatives and Academic Counselors virtually on a life platform. They could take a video tour, visit the photo gallery and see the testimonials of past and present students of the various participating Universities. There were a total of approximately 10000 Registrations for the fair. Facilities for live chats, video calls, downloading of brochures and uploading of documents, passport assistance, loan assistance, online admissions, and payments were also provided to all the visitors on this virtual platform.

Participating Universities

The following Universities from Russia participated in the fair:

  1. Perm State Medical University
  2. Orenburg State Medical University
  3. Siberian State Medical University
  4. Mari State University
  5. Moscow Aviation Institute
  6. South Federal University
  7. Ufa State Petroleum Technological University
  8. Ural Federal University
  9. Novosibirsk State University


One of the characteristic features of this virtual education fair was that a lot of webinars were organized on the sidelines of the education fair. These webinars focused on various universities, their facilities, their admission procedures, the academic curriculum, the assessment criteria, etc. The registered participants could attend any of the webinars, interact with the University representatives, ask questions and get their doubts cleared directly from the Dean/ Vice deans of the Universities. The webinars also addressed the apprehensions of the participants in relation to the impact of COVID 19 on education in Russia and why Russia is a preferred destination for higher education for Indian students.

Round Table Conference

A Virtual Round table Conference was also organized on the sidelines of the Russian Education fair. The Conference was attended by the following:-

  1. Mr Veremeenko Sergey, Honorable Member of Parliament, Russia
  2. Mr Fyodor Rozovsky, Director Russian Centre for Science and Culture, Russian Federation, India
  3. Admiral R K Dhowan (Retd), Co Chairman Rus Education
  4. Dr S K Washim, Chairman Ruseducation
  5. Air Marshal (Dr) Pawan Kapoor (Retd), Vice Chairman Rus Education
  6. Professor Igor Mirosschnichenko,Rector Orenburg State Medical University(OrSMU)
  7. Professor OA Baulin, Rector, Ufa State Petroleum Technological University
  8. Prof Natalia Vitalievna Minayeva,Vice Rector Perm State Medical University
  9. Dr Anton O Mironchev, Dean Foreign Students, OrSMU
  10. Prof Natalia Nikoleaevna Head International Department Mari State University (MarSU)
  11. Dr Vikas Saxena , deputy Dean Perm State Medical University(PSMU)
  12. Ms Elena Burman, Russian Centre for Science and culture, Russian Federation, India
  13. Dr Dinesh Singla, Director, Rus Education
  14. Ms Priya Malhotra, Assistant Director Marketing, Rus Education

The discussions focused on the Future of Education in Russia in the COVID crisis.

The Chairman Rus Education, Dr. SK Washim started the proceedings by way of introducing the panelists and then invited the panelists to share their views on the subject.

Honorable Minister Mr. Veremeenko Sergey stated that India is a major stakeholder and a dear friend of Russia. He went on to appraise the panelists on the various achievements of Russia in the field of education. He assured that all Indian students are safe in Russia and emphasized that the Russian Universities provide the best of campus facilities, education, and research facilities for all International students. He also stressed the need for having collaboration in the field of research. He informed that if the Russian vaccine shows good results, then the same shall be distributed to the whole world and specifically to India. He urged the members to spread awareness about medical education, technical education, and other disciplines that can be provided by the Russian Universities and that can benefit tremendously a large number of Indian students.

The Director of the Russian Centre for Science and Culture, Mr. Fyodor Rozovsky welcomed all the participants and informed them that for the past 20 years the Russian education fair has been organized in all the five centers for science and culture in India every year, but this is the first time that owing to the pandemic wherein the cases are increasing daily despite the precautions, the fair has been organized virtually. He stated that the potential students are completing all formalities pertaining to admissions and they have been informed that the education in 1st semester will be on the online platform. He also informed that in spite of the pandemic being widespread in India the students are keen to join the Russian universities and that after NEET Examination which is mandatory for admission to Russian Medical universities, the admissions will increase in number.

The Rector Orenburg State Medical University, Professor Igor Miroschnichenko informed the participants that OrSMU has been home to more than 1000 Indian students over the last 7 years and two batches have already passed out. He intimated that with the help of Rus Education, the facilities for hostel accommodation are being enhanced and made better to make the stay of Indian students more comfortable. He also laid stress on the online and distant modes of education till the present crisis gets curtailed or contained. In order to meet the demand of Indian students, many faculty members have now been trained in English language. He expressed confidence that delay of NEET Examination will not unduly affect admissions in OrSMU.

The Rector of Ufa State Petroleum Technological University, Professor OA Baulin, extended his greetings to all the participants and stated that they were the only petroleum and technology university in the fair. He informed that they also had courses in architecture, medical disciplines, IT, Biotechnology, and Economics and that they work in close collaboration with their various strategic partners. He apprised the participants that the medium of instruction is both in English and bilingual and expressed the desire to have a lot of Indian students in the University. He also expressed the desire for collaborating with various companies and Universities in the field of research.

The Vice-Rector Perm State Medical University (PSMU), Prof Natalia Vitalievna Minayeva informed that PSMU has more than 1000 students studying in PSMU in English medium. The pandemic has caused some delays in the programs but they managed to provide proper education through the online medium. Almost 60% of students had gone home and the next session for the existing students would begin from 01 September while for the new students it will start from 01 November. She intimated that the International students are being provided PG programs but in Russian medium. She was optimistic that this year they will get a lot of Indian students and they are trying their best to ensure the conduct of academic sessions through online mode if the circumstances are not favorable.

Prof Natalia Nikoleaevna, Head International Department Mari State University thanked the organizers for the round table conference and stated that MarSU had only 15 foreign students in2014 and now they have more than 2000 students. The highest subscription is to the medical program and with the support of Rus Education and RCSC, they have been able to actively support the Indian students. During the pandemic, MarSU had shifted to online mode and are aiming to start the new semester online from 01 Sep 2020

Dr. Anton O Mironchev, Dean of Foreign Students, OrSMU, stated that the current year may be a difficult one for admissions, and although online format shall be the medium for delivering the academic programs, it will still be challenging.

In subsequent discussions, emphasis was laid on Postgraduate training and qualifications. Air Marshal (Dr) Pawan Kapoor (Retd), Vice Chairman Rus Education, informed that it may be prudent to initiate a case through official channels to get the PG degrees offered in Russia recognized by India. This will help both the students and the universities besides helping to create a larger pool of students for admission to Russian Universities. He also provided feedback on the use of simulators for training of students and how this culture is now being imbibed by Indian Universities.

Admiral R K Dhowan, Co-Chairman Rus Education stated that the current pandemic is the worst disaster to have confronted mankind after World War II. It is a disaster from a humanitarian, societal, and economic point of view. All have to make efforts to think of new ways to cope with the challenges that have arisen because of the coronavirus. In India, there are a lot of students who still want to become doctors. In the fight against the pandemic, the doctors are in the frontline as Doctors are at the forefront as corona warriors. This has made them more determined to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor. India and Russia have been close friends and allies for decades and therefore Russia remains the preferred destination for medical education for Indian students who dream of becoming a doctor.

Mr. Veremeenko Sergey stated that the conference was very informative and it was a pleasure to note how the universities have prepared themselves to continue their academic efforts through the use of technology. He asked everyone to look into the aspect of PG degrees and follow up the suggestion for getting them recognized by the Indian Govt.

Finally, the Round table conference was concluded by the Chairman of Rus Education, Dr. SK Washim, who thanked all the participants for their valuable contributions.