Mari State University Conducts Convocation Ceremony 2022

July 7, 2022

On 6th July 2022, the batch of 2022 completed their study for MBBS in Russia at the top medical university of Russia, Mari State University. The event saw a grand celebration filled with enthusiasm from the students as well as the professors. Celebrating the 6 years of associations of the students and the professors has created beautiful memories adding to their memorable life-experience. The entire event was streamed live so that even the parents could also join this celebration and bless their wards. 

Adding to the grandeur of the event, Dr Dinesh Singla (Director of Rus Education) joined the ceremony to encourage and bless the graduating students on this memorable day. Joining him at the juncture were Prof. Shevetsov Mikhail N. (Rector of MarSU), Prof. Petrova Irina P. (Vice-Chancellor), Ms Natalia N. Kanashina (Head of International Department), and Dr Rohit Choudhary (Representative of Indian Students).

The Rector of MarSU initiated the address to the students by sharing his nostalgia over the interaction between the international students and the locals of Yoshkar Ola who have always welcomed them. Additionally, he shared his fond memories of the batch during these last 6 years which seemed to pass in a blink. He wished the students good luck with all their future aspirations and asked the students to not lose contact with their peers and mentors in the future years and to come back to meet them.

Followed by his address, Dr Dinesh Singla took the hold of the mic to further extend his greetings to the hosting university staff as well as the students. He asked the students to thank each and every person involved in making this journey of 6 years a successful venture. This included- their parents, university administrations, friends, and so on. He congratulated and wished the students good luck in becoming good doctors through their hard work. He also wished the graduating students wisdom to make the right decision to further climb the ladder of success. 

After him, the stage was passed to Ms Natalia N. Kanashina, who reminisced the students’ life- the moment they lived, the struggles they conquered and finally the achievement they had shared, and once again urged the students to stay in contact. 

The second part of the event showcased colourful performances from the students. Overall 142 students received their degree after their hard work of over 6 years. The batch included Ankit Chandrakar who had the pride of having a degree with honours.

The event ended with the professors, officials and students coming together for group photographs and documenting the day as a memory of achievements and inspiration for success. The team of Rus Education also wishes the students good luck in all their future endeavours and to continue to prosper to greater heights.

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