Highlights of International conference on aesthetics and anti-aging

April 20, 2018

EX (Esthetic Xpress) was organized at Hotel Pullman, New Delhi on 20th April 2018 with an objective to provide with unique learning experience through more than 20 focused sessions employing varying levels of learning courses and symposiums that enable participants to optimize their session selections and best meet their professional needs.

Air Marshal Dr. Pawan Kapoor, (Retd) Former Director General of Medical Services (Indian Air Force) an alumnus of the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), and currently the Vice- Chairman of Rus Education was the chief guest of the event.

The event was a big hit. Among the audience were many successful doctors and dermatologists. In the panel were some prominent personalities from the medical field, one of whom was Dr. Pawan Kapoor.

When at the stage, Dr. Pawan Kapoor began by wishing everyone present a very good afternoon. He then stated that Dermatology has significantly grown with time. It has now become a specialized wing of the clinical field. He further stated that cosmetology has added a lot of color to this specialty. He appreciated the young delegates present in the audience and appreciated their efforts and enthusiasm in the field of dermatology as it is not only recognized in India but across the globe. He encouraged the audience, who mostly consisted of experts from the medical field to think about three possibilities when treating a patient, what can be done, what may be done, and what should be done. He further voiced out his opinion that from disease we are moving to desire. We nowadays have ethical dilemmas.

He then advised the doctors of today to look after the ethical component of dermatological cosmetology and that it is a must to guide and treat a patient in the right way. One’s priority should be the right treatment. A doctor must always do a detailed pre-workout. One should not go with simple procedures or what outer appearance depicts. It is a must to counsel the patients and take informed consent. He then talked about two types of consent. He said, “One is ethically delivered informed consent and another is legally delivered informed consent. Give the patient time to decide. Post-operative complications must also be disclosed. Communicate what you document and document what you communicate.”

These principles must be followed to be legally safe and by following these principles one will also realize to be ethically safe.

He ended the session by leaving one question hovering in the minds of the present audience of doctors. He said, “Whenever any patient comes for treatment, always ponder on the fact if the procedure you want to adopt is appropriate. Will you do the same procedure with an economically backward patient who has the incapability to pay? If the answer is Yes, go ahead and do that, and if the answer is NO, stop at the moment itself.”

At last, he thanked the members of the board to have him as a part of this great event. The loud applaud of the audience was an indication of how great the speech of Dr. Pawan Kapoor was liked by all.