Government Postpones NEET (PG) Exams Further by 4 Months

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May 3, 2021
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NBE NEET PG 2021 has been officially postponed. The new date of examination has not yet been announced. It is further assumed by the experts, that there are high chances for the exam being postponed for even more duration. In an official notification issued by the PMO, it has been clarified that the medical entrance exam for MBBS graduates seeking admission in MD courses all over the country has been postponed by at least 4 months.

We have earlier brought to you that the government of India decided to postpone the NEET (PG) Exam earlier scheduled on 18th April 2021 due to the sudden rise in the number of covid cases in India. The decision came in the aftermath of the decision of postponing class 12 board exams and canceling them for class 10.

The NBE administered NEET PG 2021 has been further postponed by at least 4 months. The decision has been influenced by the need for medically trained individuals in the present. The decision supports the move of the government to make more medical graduates available for Covid-19 duties in the understaffed hospitals. It is said that this wave of pandemics has hit the country’s growth and public health harder than ever before.

On 2 May 2021, Honourable Prime Minister Narender Modi reviewed various measures which can help in overcoming the ongoing medical crisis in the country to manage the current Covid situation more effectively. The government was already in the discussion about using the current medical graduates as a resource to accomplish the difference between the required medical staff and the available medical staff. In exchange, the PMO jas also offered various incentives to the students who volunteer in assisting the doctors and nurses in the present time of crisis.

As of yet, no new date for the NBA NEET (PG) has been announced as of yet.