Employment Opportunities For Foreign Students In Russia Made Easy

January 22, 2020
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January 22, 2020, Moscow, Russia

On January 21, 2020, the Russian Parliament passed a bill that will make student life in Russia more fulfilling by making it easy for international students to find work opportunities in Russia. 

As per the new bill, students from foreign countries studying in Russia will be allowed to work during their vacations or part-time along with their studies. To work in the school or University they are admitted to, they will not need any permission from Russian authorities. However, if they want to work outside their educational institution, they need to seek prior permission from Russian authorities, keeping the safety of students in mind. 

It is no secret that Russia is an education hub for students from around the world looking for quality and affordable education, thanks to the state-funded education system of Russia and scholarship opportunities for foreign students. Every year, Rus Education also helps thousands of medical aspirants in India to get admission to affordable programs for MBBS in Russia

Reportedly, about 3 lacs students are studying in Russia at present and Hon’ble Russian President Vladimir Putin sets a vision to at least double the number of international students studying in Russian universities and schools. Accordingly, the new bill seeks to make Russia a more preferable destination for international students by simplifying employment opportunities for them. Offering new avenues to earn money and get real exposure, this new initiative will attract more students for their higher education in Russia.

Along with their regular courses, students are often left with free time and willing to work part-time to earn additional income and gain practical exposure along with formal education. Now the new bill has simplified the process of getting work in Russia, and international students will be able to work part-time and during holidays, earn extra income, and get ready for a real job after their graduation.