Annual Meet 2023

annual meet 2023
March 17, 2023

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”- Henry Ford 

With the objective of team building, rekindling new horizons of improvement and reflecting on the achievements and challenges of the past year, the team of Rus Education reached Shimla for its Annual Meet 2023 between 11th March 2023 to 14th March 2023. 

The 3-day long visit was not only aimed at contemplating the accomplishments of the previous year by the team but also discussed the strategies for preparations and success in the upcoming admission year. The meet was joined by the management of Rus Education, Prof. S.K. Washim (Chairman, Rus Education), Air Marshal Dr Pawan Kapoor (Vice Chairman, Rus Education), Mr Syed I. Rigan (Managing Director, Rus Education), Dr Dinesh Singla (Director, Rus Education) and others.

During the meeting, the team explored the areas of improvement to serve better and offer a more comfortable and easy experience for all aspiring medical students of India and their parents. The meet witnessed 20+ pan India branches of Rus Education coming together under one roof and sharing their victories and struggles and presenting their suggestions for improvements. 

The meeting also intended to draw together its team and recognise and appreciate their respective hard work in the bygone year. The team awarded various accolades for all the hardworking employees such as the Budding Award, Special Contribution Award, Pinnacle Award, Top Performer of The Year, etc. 

The meet also witnessed several activities such as a decked-up ramp walk, dance performances by the departments, quiz competitions, Karaoke, DJ night, etc. The meeting also gave a refreshing break from the usual routine to its employees and re-energised them to perform their best in the coming admission year. 

The three-day meeting concluded on a happy note for all and fulfilled its objective of motivating its team to introspect, learn, improve and give their best in their assigned roles and thereby helping Rus Education to explore the new dimensions of success, together.