NMC Clears Upon the NEET Rumours

March 24, 2021

In the latest released notification by the National Medical Council (NMC) erstwhile known as the Medical Council of India (MCI) ends the ongoing rumours about the NEET exemption.

Every year thousands of the students from India, leave to different countries for their medical study abroad and fulfil their dream of becoming a doctor. Due to the limited number of seats in government medical universities of India and expensive fee plans and high donations in the private medical colleges, most of the students chose to study MBBS Abroad. In the case of private medical colleges, It is not just the fees that concern the students, it is also the quality of education and the legitimacy of the degrees provided. Therefore, the students choose MBBS Abroad to look for a quality learning experience with the added benefit of the global closure.

Earlier, passing NEET Exam was not mandatory for the students who were seeking MBBS Abroad, however, the public notification released by MCI on 8th March 2018, has been compulsory for all the students who seek in any medical university of India and abroad to qualify the NEET-UG Exam.

The issue rose in Aug 2020 when a student seeking MBBS in Abroad filed a petition for the NEET exam exemption in Delhi High Court. In response to this, The renamed MCI issues an official notification. The notification dated 4th Sep 2020, stated that the student looking for admission in MBBS Abroad, need not appear or qualify for the NEET Exam conducted in the month of September due to the COVID concerns.

Since then there has been a rumour in the circle of medical aspirants that qualifying NEET is not mandatory for pursuing MBBS in Abroad. Putting an end to all the rumors, the MCI now NMC, issued another notice dated 19th March 2021. The public notice clearly highlights that it is mandatory for all students who wish to pursue medical studies outside India to qualify for the NEET Exam.

The students who had been exempted or who were not able to qualify for the September 2020 NEET exam are required to appear and qualify for the NEET exam of 2021. Even if the student has already taken admission in medical universities abroad they must appear and qualify for the NTA NEET (UG) Exam 2021 to be eligible for appearing in the screening test and practice medicine in India.

For the students who have already enrolled in medical universities abroad, the decision of pursuing their medical degree abroad would be solely ‘on their own risk’. If they do so, the repercussions will include ineligibility to appear in the FMGE/NEXT screening test and thus not entitled to the grant of the provisional/permanent by any State Medical Council of India.

All the students are hereby advised, not to believe any rumour without cross-checking the details regarding NTA NEET (UG) 2021 and eligibility for MBBS abroad only via trustworthy and official websites of https://ntaneet.nic.in and https://www.nmc.org.in respectively.

Click here to read the full notice

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