Things To Consider While Preparing For FMGE Exam 2022

fmge 2022
December 12, 2022

Indian students studying MBBS abroad with the ultimate goal to serve the healthcare sector of  India have to clear Foreign Medical Graduate Exam/National Exit Test (FMGE/NExT) to get a valid medical license to practice medicine in the country. The primary aim of this medical licensing examination is to evaluate the practical skills and medical knowledge of the medical graduates for the selection of the right candidates for the medical practice. With thousands of students moving out of the country to join the top medical universities in Russia, Bangladesh, Americas, Kyrgyzstan, etc. for their successful medical futures, FMGE helps in filtering the most suitable new doctors to join the Indian healthcare industry. 

As per the recent updates about FMGE December 2022 session, the exam has been postponed and will take place on 20th January, 2023 and the admit cards will be released on 13th January 2023. 

What is FMGE?

Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) is a medical screening test for the medical graduates to check their eligibility to practice medicine in India. The exam takes place twice a year in June and December by the National Board of Examinations for Indian and Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs) to get a medical license from the National Medical Commission or State Medical Council. The FMGE was introduced in 2002 for medical graduates that obtained their medical degrees after 15th March 2022. 

How to prepare for the FMGE exam 2022?

If you have a zeal and motivation to qualify FMGE 2022 to be held in the month of January, then these below preparation tips for FMGE 2022 will help you get closer to your goals.

  1. Prepare a time table to give equal time to all the subjects.
  2. Go through the FMGE syllabus well to avoid leaving the important areas of practice.
  3. Focus more on the weak areas and prioritize the subjects you have to pay more attention to.
  4. Keep your notes handy for quick revisions and improve your learning skills.
  5. Be consistent in your study routine as dedication will take you to places.
  6. Attempt mock tests and previous years’ question papers to evaluate your level of preparation.
  7. Always choose the right books and study materials to prepare for the exam and do not ever fall for false information.
  8. Use more graphs, pie charts, pictures, flowcharts, etc. in your preparation as visual information has more retention.
  9. Take ample rest as a relaxed mind is the key to best preparation. 
  10. Regular revision is necessary to increase the success rate of you passing the exam. 

Foreign medical graduates interested in practicing medicine in India have to sit and clear this medical licensing exam. The above-mentioned tips of FMGE preparation increases your chances of joining the healthcare sector of the country. After the postponing of the FMGE 2022 exam from December 2022 to January 2023, new doctors have now got ample time to prepare for this exam and pass it with flying colors.