Vitebsk State Medical University

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Vitebsk State Medical University


Founded in November 1934, Vitebsk State Medical University is one among the top medical universities in Belarus. At present it has 32 theoretical and clinical departments. Since September 1981 Vitebsk State Medical University started to train the overseas students on Preliminary Training, Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculties. From 1997, foreign students started showing interest in the university dsue to its qualitative teaching approach .The university is well-known in training physicians for public health of Asia, Africa, Near East and Latin America. VSMU was awarded with the Medal of Peoples Friendship by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

The university has 6 academic buildings, 15 clinical sites, 7 hostels, 3 canteens, sports ground, stadium, health and fitness center and other such facilities for the students.


  • General Medicine Faculty
  • Faculty of advanced training and retraining
  • People’s Faculty “Health Protection”


Till the time, the university has trained thousands of students from Belarus as well as from various parts of world. The pass-outs from the university are working at good positions around the globe. The students currently present in the campus are also fully satisfied with the facilities they are getting in the university.

The university has good quality hostels with modern facilities for foreign students. The hostels are in campus as well as outside campus in city.