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April 10, 2018

Founded on September 22, 1916, Perm State Medical University is one of the oldest and reputed universities for MBBS in Russia. The University is one of the top Medical Universities of Russia, located in the city of Perm. Perm State Medical University is recognized by the Medical Council of India, WHO, UNESCO, and pass-outs from this university can work in any part of the world including USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and others.

Perm State Medical University has always attracted students from the very beginning. In earlier times, students were attracted by the university due to its urban campus and well-built infrastructure. Over time, the university has been successful in creating the image of one of the top medical universities in Russia.

The university is known for quality medical education and offers a variety of courses under various departments.

The popularity of Perm State Medical University is increasing day by day. The number of international students going to the university is also increasing on a significant level. In 2017, a record number of 600 Indian students went to study MBBS (one of the top courses of the university) in the university. In 2016, the number was however just limited to 200. What is the reason for such an extraordinary increase in the number of students going to the university?

What are the features that make Perm State Medical University the best medical university in Russia? Let us find out:


Perm State Medical University follows the internationally prescribed curriculum for all the courses that it offers. The study pattern of the university involves a greater emphasis on clinical practice which helps the students to achieve complete and efficient medical education. The teacher-to-student ratio of 1:7 is also a prime factor for providing quality medical education.


The university adopts a worldwide spoken language for its medium of instruction and that is English. This becomes an important reason for the students to look up to this university for their higher medical education. To reach more and more students who come from all corners of the world to study MBBS in Russia, this step taken by the university is worth praise. Teaching in English medium makes this university a top Medical University of Russia for students who wish to study MBBS in Abroad and particularly, MBBS in Russia.


Perm State Medical University is one of the top medical universities of Russia, recognized by all prominent medical councils of the world and the education standards and curriculum is recognized and approved by WHO.


Perm State Medical University offers its students a dazzling life. It houses all modern amenities for its students ranging from food and accommodation to sports activities. It gives a fair chance to all the students to develop mentally and physically. For international students traveling to study MBBS in Russia, PSMU offers excellent hostel facilities. Particularly for Indian students traveling for MBBS in Russia, PSMU proves to be the top medical university of Russia because of the availability of Indian Mess in hostels where students get Indian food cooked by Indian chefs.


The fee structure of top Russian Medical universities is highly subsidized and affordable to ensure every student gets a chance to get quality education in fair prices. Following the same principle, PSMU provides quality education in a very affordable price to the students travelling for pursuing MBBS in Russia.


Perm State Medical University also awards scholarships each year to the meritorious and deserving students. Apart from that, the university also takes care of the students who are not financially sound. PSMU is one the top medical universities of Russia providing financial aid to students not only in academics but also funds various trips organized for sports and cultural events.


Perm State Medical University is definitely the best medical university in Russia for students aspiring to do MBBS in abroad. The University has collaborated with various organizations including universities, multi-specialty hospitals, clinics around the world which provide the students well-deserved exposure. Every year, many students travel to various countries for special training sessions organized by the university under the said collaborations.


The University employs highly qualified teachers. Among them are the laureates of the State Prize, Honored Scientists of Russia, Honored Workers of Higher School, honored doctors of Russia, and winners of the regional awards. The great experience and dedication to produce excellent medical professionals, the teachers are committed to help the students in the best possible way.

Perm State Medical University offers an all-round development for the students thus making it one of the top choices for MBBS in Abroad. At PSMU, students can experience quality teaching staff, internationally accredited syllabus, comfortable hostels and a blend of cultures of the whole world. PSMU has been on a rise on global level and has been attracting students from all over the world. Think MBBS in Russia, Think PSMU – the top medical university of Russia.

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