Virtual Sobraniye by Rus Education to welcome the first batch of MBBS students in PSMU

December 4, 2020
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Rus Education in association with Russian Centre for Science and Culture organized an intellectually stimulating, creative, and memorable Sobraniye to induct its new batch of MBBS students for 2020-21.

Sobraniye is a Get Together of Students and Parents, held every year as a Pre-Departure Ceremony organized for all medical aspirants who are embarking on their journey of becoming doctors. The event is organized for Indian Students who have enrolled with Russian Universities to become future doctors of the world. Rus Education organizes this Grand Ceremony every year for all registered students to rejoice one last time before they head for a new life in a new country. Due to the unprecedented situation created by Covid 19 pandemic, the get-together was organized virtually on a zoom platform. This year Sobraniye 2020 is being organized University wise over three different dates. The first was held on 03 Dec 2020.

Chief Guest Admiral Robin K Dhowan, PVSM, AVSM, YSM (Retd), and Former Chief of the Naval Staff of Indian Navy, welcomed the students who are commencing their journey in pursuit of their medical dreams. He brought the difficult journey of becoming a doctor to light and insisted that students brace themselves for the roller coaster ride. He lauded the cordial relationship between Russia and India since the time of the Soviet Union, which hasn’t been tainted to date. He spoke highly of the strategic partnership between the counties, their diplomatic relations in times of crises, and how the amiable bond gives us all an excellent opportunity to embrace wonderful educational avenues in Russia.

He encouraged students to burn the midnight oil as they cruise the way to become leading doctors of tomorrow. Giving students a bird’s view of what the next six years will look like, he insisted students make the most of the time, money, and effort they will invest in a county touted to be the leader of the natural sciences of the world. His sagacious words were brought to a closure with an energetic Jai Hind that left students awestruck in silence.

The Director of the Russian Center For Science and Culture, Mr. Fedor Rozovsky, was next to speak. He emphasized the novelty of the situation which has forced us to get together in a video conference, as against what is usually an emotionally charged get-together of students and parents bidding goodbye to their children for Russia. Bringing light to the importance of academics, he said that it is the only thing that has helped knowledge workers to row through these tumultuous times. He further assured that the Russian Education and Cultural center would do all the needful to facilitate the efficient provision of quality education!

Vice-Chairman Air Marshal (Dr) Pawan Kapoor, AVSM, VSM, and Bar (Retd) then hailed the parents for the well-informed decision to study at Perm State Medical University. He complimented them for choosing Russia as the destination for medical education of their wards. It was a wise decision on account of the affordable, quality education with state-of-the-art facilities in suitably accredited and globally certified Universities including the National Medical Commission. He informed that Russia and India have shared a warm and cordial relationship with India for decades since Independence and that allows the Indian students to seamlessly blend with everyone else in Russia. He debunked the myth of how Indian students who outperform in NEET are not the only ones who can have a brilliant medical career ahead. Insisting students leave their conservative conceptions of NEET qualification of getting admission in Indian medical universities, he prodded students to be grateful for their inability to get a Medical College in India that has given them the chance to gain international exposure with a global university. He told the students that Medicine is a passion that requires commitment, conscientiousness, diligence, dedication, and enthusiasm. He closed his insightful vision by encouraging students to pursue excellence and trash all standards of mediocrity.

Director of Russian Center For Science and Culture, Mumbai, Dr. Sergei V Fandeev. shared his insights next with the number of successful candidates who have studied from Russia and become qualified doctors. His numbers told a story of their own. It was mesmerizing to hear him recount some names of successful doctors in India who built a great career after qualifying MBBS from Russia.

Vice Dean Perm State Medical University, Ms. Troynich Yana Nikolaevna oriented students on the current state of affairs at the university, how students are coping with the unprecedented times, and what they can expect in the coming days. She also talked about student life at the university and raised the spirits of the students by assuring them that they will have one of the best experiences of their life here.

The get-together was followed by an informative session of students and parents in interaction with Rus Education for all their doubts and queries. Dr. Dinesh Singla, Director Ruseducation and a former alumnus of Tver State Medical University answered all the questions and queries that the participants had with respect to various administrative and academic aspects of student life in Russia. Senior students from Perm State Medical University, Ms. Chayya Nagwan, and Mr. Atul Kumar also came forward to share their experiences with the freshers.

They brought light to their experience of anxiety that they felt during their first year of college and how it must resonate with the freshers now. Divulging how all their concerns were well taken care of by the University, they assured the new students and parents that Rus Education assisted them at every step and that there was nothing to worry about.

Mr. Atul highlighted how students had an explicable experience at the university and how their life after coming to Perm took a turn. They addressed the language queries that students had and informed me that the academic curriculum was all in English.

Ms. Chhaya assured all female students of the safety around campus, and the wonderful ambiance of the university. She drew parallels between studying at Perm as against Indian Universities, enlightening students that the low strength of the class is its biggest perk, especially when it came to practical sessions.

Ms. Irina from Russian Centre for Science and Culture, Kolkata welcomed the students to Russia and assured them of a safe, comfortable, and delightful stay

The session, in brief, was what could be termed a great start to motivate and inspire the future doctors of tomorrow. We felt that we have successfully added another feather to our cap in our 27 years of experience- Future physicians of tomorrow who with their care, passion, intelligence, and potential will improve the future of healthcare.