Sobraniye 2020-21 at Orenburg State Medical University

December 8, 2020
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To welcome its new batch of MBBS students at Orenburg State Medical University, Rus Education held its annual Sobraniye on the 7th at 12 pm.

Sobraniye is a Get Together of Students and Parents, held every year as a Pre-Departure Ceremony organized for all medical aspirants who are ready to start their journey of being doctors of the world. The event is organized for Indian Students who have enrolled with Russian Universities to become future doctors of the world. Rus Education organizes this Grand Ceremony every year for all registered students to rejoice one last time before they head for a new life in a new country. Due to the unprecedented situation of the covid 19 pandemic, unfortunately, the get-together was organized virtually on zoom with all dignitaries speaking through a video conference.

Chief guest Admiral Robin K Dhown, PVSM, AVSM, YSM (RETD), and Former Chief of the Naval Staff of Indian Navy, began the get-together by welcoming students on their journey of medical dreams. He brought the difficult journey of becoming a doctor to light and insisted that students brace themselves for the roller coaster ride. He lauded the cordial relationship between Russia and India since the time of the Soviet Union, which hasn’t been tainted to date, and spoke highly of the strategic partnership between the counties, their diplomatic relations in times of crisis, and how the amiable bond gives us all of us excellent opportunity to embrace wonderful educational avenues in Russia.

He encouraged students to burn the midnight oil as they cruise the way to become leading doctors of tomorrow. Giving students a bird’s view of what the next six years will look like, he insisted students make the most of the time, money, and effort they will invest in a county touted to be the leader of training doctors of the world. His sagacious words were brought to a closure with an energetic Jai Hind that left students awestruck in silence.

Dr. Mironchev Anton, Dean of Foreign Students of Orenburg State Medical University was next to speak. He emphasized the novelty of the situation which has forced us to get together in a video conference, as against what is usually an emotionally charged get-together of students and parents bidding goodbye to their children for Russia. He extended his heartfelt gratitude to the Rus Education for being the intermediary to education in Russia. He further assured that Orenburg University would do everything in its power to help students sail through these tumultuous times and keep working towards being the future doctors of the world!

AVSM, VSM, & BAR (Retd.), Former Director General Medical Services (IAF), Vice Chairman of Rus Education, Dr. Pawan Kapoor then hailed the parents for the well-informed decision to study at Orenburg State Medical University and inspired students to keep burning the midnight oil through their medical education. He prodded students to be grateful for this opportunity to study at an international university and get global exposure. He closed his insightful vision by encouraging students to pursue excellence and trash all standards of mediocrity that can pull them down.

The get-together was followed by an informative session of students and parents in interaction with Rus Education for all their doubts and queries. Fourth-year students Ayushi Rohilla and Bablu Suthar shared their insights on life at Orenburg, the current situation in the university, the amenities, security arrangements, and infrastructure, and rapturously amped up student spirits by assuring that they will have one of the best experiences of their life here.

They also brought light to their experience of anxiety that they felt during their first year of college and how it must resonate with the freshers now. Divulging how all their consternation was well taken care of by the University, they assured the new students and parents that Rus Education assisted them at every step and that there was nothing to worry about.

Ex-student Mr. Ratheesh Nair highlighted how students he had an explicable experience at the university and how life after studying at Orenburg took a turn. He addressed the language queries that students had and asked their queries on understanding the class rating systems and understanding the Russian language.

The session was a great beginning to prepare the future doctors of tomorrow. After the session, we felt that we could proudly come to the closure that our 27 years of experience were contributing to our larger mission.

In brief, we saw our persistence to develop the necessary foundation for students to succeed academically and professionally through a longitudinal program of clinical immersion, academic preparation, and leadership development coupled with continued engagement and mentorship coming to fruition.