Rus Education Joins MBBS Admission Expo 2022 in Ratlam

August 8, 2022

The first edition of the MBBS Admission Expo 2022, August edition was conducted in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, on 7th August 2022, Sunday at Hotel Layanya Palace. 

Several renowned universities abroad participated in the event, which simplified the admission process for Indian students to attend top medical universities in Russia. Among the chief personalities, Dr Vikas Saxena, Vice-Dean of Perm State Medical University, also joined the Expo to answer all the doubts and concerns of the students and parents regarding MBBS in Russia. 

Numerous students attended the event to receive accurate advice about studying abroad for medical reasons. Many top Russian medical universities participated in the event, welcoming students and parents with their concerns.

The MBBS Admission Expo 2022, Ratlam, concluded on a happy note. With its conclusion, the August edition of MBBS Admission Expo 2022 started on a successful note and raised the bar for the upcoming MBBS Admission Expo this month. 

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